Friday, July 22, 2005

I'm a Single Foster Parent!!!

I'm a foster parent!

I am a volunteer foster parent with Happy Tales Humane Shelter in Franklin and I have just received my first child! His name is Bucky...

He is the CUTEST dog I have ever seen. Not just his looks, mind you; he has the sweetest disposition and temperment. He has a brother named Ducky...

I didn't come up with the names.

Here's Bucky -

I can't relay to you how incredibly smart this dog is. When I first got him, he had just come out of his man part altering surgery and so he was a little sedated. So, I carried him out to my car and he sat in the passenger's seat all the way back home. Calm as a cucumber...if cucumbers are, in fact, calm.

When we got home, I put his leash on him and took him out to potty. Buddy, he hated that leash! I don't think that he had ever been on a leash before - so it is to be expected that he would hate it. Imagine a fish caught on a fishing're reeling him in and you get him out of the water. He's flaying about, twisting right and left, doing flips. That's what Bucky looked like. I was thinking..."This is going to be a long, long night/next day/until he gets adopted."

Once he got the hang of it, though, he was like a champ! We went out this morning for him to do his "business" and he walked outside...into the grass...peed...thought about number wasn't happening...looked up at me...walked me back to the door...and he was done!

Last night, he sat and watched TV with me but when anyone would come into the room he would run and greet them...tail wagging. When he figured out that they carried with them no food...he would run and jump back onto the couch with me.

He doesn't bark much, in fact, I have only heard him bark once. He was staring at me and so I stared back. Well - Bucky didn't like that one bit! So, he let out this little tiny bark. So cute.
I have to take him to Adoption Day on Saturday so that some loving family will find him and take them into their lives. If he doesn't get adopted, he comes back to me to stay until next Saturday. If he does...then he goes home with that family...and I never see him again.

This fostering program is really a great way to get the benefit of having an animal in your life without having to own one. I am just not in the place in my life right now that I can think about having a dog...but I can FOSTER one!

Okay - back to work...but when I get more pictures of him I will post them!

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