Monday, September 25, 2006

A Hahaha - Hilarious!

Seriously, this is the funniest, most bizarre commercial I have seen in a good long while. Thanks Skittles!


'What will your obituary say?' at

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Pictures - Mr. Darcy's bath and Saturday night

Pictures as promised. Enjoy.

Mr. Darcy oh so comfortable before his bath. Poor thing...he needed one bad, though.

Peeking out of a towel...

Hahaha - Ahh, um drying off in a towel after the bath. He always acts paralyzed...
Maybe the towel is just too tight...

Hiding under the kitchen table after his bath.

Abi and me.


Billy and me.

Abi and Billy.

Saturday, September 23, 2006

Not much really...

I really don't have anything to blog about...but I wanted to write something. Wanted to let people know I was still alive. Perhaps a stream of consciousness will occur and I will end up with an amazing piece of "blogerature." Perhaps? Perhaps not.

First, I bought new plants. They're great. Really, they are. I bought them because I read this article about how plants provide fresh oxygen into home environments. Score! Who wants recycled oxygen in their place...not me! In any case, Darcy likes to eat them. More or less, really, he just chews on the leaves. So, they are all elevated around my place - out of his reach. I can't have anything around here! No plants, no drapes, shouldn't have blinds...he might hang himself...Ugh! Darcy! What a pest! A cute, completely lovable pest.

Second, I was at Wendy's this week getting my boss and I lunch. I had the window down in the rental at the drive-through line and was jammin' out. Yeah. Completely jammin' out. I had this really sticky lip gloss on so when I felt something on my face, I thought it was my hair getting caught up in it. Well, it wasn't. Nope, not that lucky. It was a spider. That's right. A spider. I completely freaked out! All my flailing gets him off my face....but he landed on right breast. Yeah. Awesome. I flicked him off and he landed on my glorious rental car's arm rest. There was nothing in the car to kill him with so I reached for the first thing in my purse that I could find and I swung. I hit hard, man. Hard. He splattered. It was gross. My fake Louis Vuitton wallet will never be the same.

Season premiere of Grey's? Anybody? Anybody? Hello? It was fantastic! Fan-flippin'-tastic.

I found out that my friend Michael is coming into town this coming weekend...and that is also fantastic.

I painted my fingernails red. It makes them look shorter and paler...but sometimes a girl just feels like having fire engine red fingernails.

Abi and I are going out tonight. There could be pictures to follow...keep a look out this week for some!

It hailed on my Jetta today. I haven't been able to go outside yet and look at it to see if there was any damage. I don't think there would was just nickle size hail...but still y'all...Can you believe it? If it's bad luck and it has to do with me and my will happen.

Speaking of the storm, my power went off today as well. I basically live in a cave; if there isn't any artificial light, I am pretty much SOL. So, for an hour this afternoon I just sat here and watched Darcy freak out at the thunder. I tried to calm him down with the first few claps...but then I realized it was a loosing battle and the skin on my arms was loosing big time.

This guy keeps coming to my door...the same one...I can see him out my peep hole. He's been by here three times but never leaves anything. I don't know who he is. Freak. I feel like a complete hermit...looking out the peep hole and then not answering the door. Haha...and then writing about him in my blog. Haha...seriously, who really is the freak here?

I needed toilet paper so I went to Target. They didn't have any small packs...they ran out...Um a run on toilet paper? Who knew!? Anyway, I had to have toilet's not one of those things that you can say..."Eh, I'll pick it up tomorrow from the grocery store." No, when you need toilet paper, you generally need toilet paper. So, I bought the 24 pack. Yup, ladies and gents, I have 24 (my bad - 23) roles of TP in my place. Don't think I'll be needing to buy that anytime soon...

My dad and I met for breakfast on Friday morning at Panera. It's always great to be able to spend one on one time with him.

My place is a disasterious disgrace. The house police should come pick me up and haul me off. And yet, here I sit.

The Fray concert is coming up and I can't wait! Yay!

Okay, I seriously can't think of anything else. That kind of catches everyone up...Maybe?

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

My Baby's Back!

She's back and she's hopefully better than ever! I had my doubts, you know. I was looking at other cars/SUV's, thinking that I would sell her when I got her back...

But when we was glorious! I hugged her little steering wheel and apoligized to her for my lack of confidence. When I bought her, I promised forever...Until death do us part...and I was a pig to think that we might not go though hard times. Well, hopefully those times are behind us now. Our relationship can now proceed and flourish, the way it used to be.

I can now rejoin my Lincoln Park Trixie Society... :)

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Let the obsession begin!

It's Time! Grey's Anatomy is back and I can't wait...only a few more days! I have been waiting long enough for this time to arrive and to prepare...well, I've been reading the writers' blog! That's right! Don't know if you're aware...but the writers of Grey's have a blog and it is every bit as funny as the show...only with less physically attractive people...seeing as it is online.


I don't think that I can express how very sad I am that Denny died...and what in God's name are they going to do with Izzie?! Please, oh please, don't tell me that she is really going to quit the program! Seriously, if it weren't for her...I wouldn't like any of the girls on the show. Meredith is too whiny and Christina...well, she's the second favorite...but she's just so unemotional sometimes...Though, we do get a glimpse at something soft and squishy inside of her every now and then...

The other one...Um...the one who lives in the hospital...the bone doctor...well, she's just weird. Plus she peed in front of Izzie and Meredith who were complete strangers. That's just too close...too fast...

Well, so much for my obsession! McDreamy, George...I'll see you both on Thursday.

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Should be studying but...

This was too good to pass up...

I took this quiz on - it's probably one of the best timewasters on the net. Sometimes it scarily accurate...sometimes it's laughably inaccurate. This time...well, friends, you tell me... :)

I will have to say, the end...hilarious! ADD? Who knew?

Sarah, you're single because you don't want to compromise

You live alone and like it, thanksverymuch. Well, at least some of the time. You prefer coming and going as you please, and you don't like to be controlled or held responsible for someone else's schedule or needs. After all, you probably have plenty of friends, a satisfying career (or other projects to occupy your time), and you may simply not have room for another person right now — unless of course they can bend to meet your routine exactly. Does this sound familiar?

While we admire your go-it-alone attitude — and your carefree, open-minded spirit — you may be shutting out others from your life without realizing it. You never know, maybe if you met the right person you could learn to grow together — while holding onto your hard-earned independence.

You may have Adult Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD), a condition your doctor can help treat. Take a brief screener to find out if you may have the symptoms.

Quick post...

Wine on the River was great! It could not have been a more beautiful day for such an event and the pedestrian bridge proved to be the perfect venue. I was able to see a lot of friends that I haven't been able to see in awhile and I got to learn a little bit about wine. Please people, don't be under the assumption that I know (I'm sorry, knew) anything about wine. And honestly, I still am lacking in that department. But I have knowledge of ports and dessert wines now as well as Spanish wines. And I also know that a little sampling of those ports go a long way. I learned that I like sweeter and wetter wines. Did you know that Spanish wines are typically more dry? They apparently are! This is due to the somewhat dry climate in Spain which in turn makes the soil more dry and in turn makes the grapes and the wine more dry. Interesting!

One of the funny parts of the afternoon was as the event began to wind down and come to a close. The crowd at WOTR is fairly diverse. You've got the people around my age mixed in with people around my parents age. You just don't typically see these two co-mingling whilst imbibing. Well, as you can imagine people were naturally a little intoxicated from all the generous samples towards the end...and well, people started to be a little more flirtatious. What was funny was when guys about my dad's age...or older...would come over and blatantly hit on my friend and I. I guess it's funny because it's rare that I get hit on by someone who receives senior citizen's discounts at Kroger.

Ahhh...Good times.

Ohh and a side note...I had the best chocolate covered strawberry Of. My. Life.

Friday, September 15, 2006

Wilbur's obese cousin and a nuked penis

Quite possibly the funniest two articles I have read in a while.

150 lb. porker esacpes tasers, jaunt down interstate and slaughter. Pending adoption to local lawyer. Guess he really brings home the bacon...(thanks Tom!)

A PA woman pleads guilty to nuking a fake penis filled with urine in a convenience store microwave in order to pass a drug test. She wanted the urine to be room temperature.

Oh dear...Thong Girl 3?

For those of you not from Nashville, you may not know where Gallatin is. Apparently, Gallatin Mayor, Don Wright, does not know where Tennessee is. Smack dab in the Bible Belt. According to this article in the Tennessean, Mayor Wright allowed “Thong Girl 3” to be filmed in his office and has subsequently “raised some eyebrows in town.”

Ya think?!

Wright, of course claims he had no knowledge of the film’s subject matter and only knew generally what it was about. "They told me it was a film about a superhero woman and there was no nudity or any kind of offensive stuff in the film," Wright said.

Let me fill you in on this film series.

The superheroine (assuming this would be Thong Girl) dons red underwear and "polices the skies with an iron fist" to keep Nashville safe. This is according to the Thong Girl Web site, That’s right, there is a website ladies and gentlemen.

Apparently, a citizen, Jim Hawkins is in support of the Mayor, stating "the idea didn't appeal to him but he has faith in the mayor's judgment.” Really? Are you sure about that? "I would say that I will have to reserve judgment until I see the movie — but since I'm never going to see the movie, I guess I won't be making any judgment about the mayor's cinematic ethics. From knowing Mayor Wright, however, I do not believe that he would knowingly allow City Hall to be used for improper purposes." Then why aren’t you going to see the movie Mr. Hawkins? Inquiring minds want to know.

The filmmaker, Glen Weiss stressed that his movie is "family friendly. This is definitely a PG-13 movie. There's no nudity, no cussing and no sex. The family can go to this."

Friday night, honey, I have an idea! Let’s take the kids to see “Thong Girl 3!” They’ll love it! So it’s got a scantly clad women in nothing but a cape and a red thong? What’s the big deal? I’m sure Superman was risqué in his day too…wearing his underwear outside his pants and all.

Weiss went on to say that at comic book conventions "Kids come up to her. She has a cape on. She's very modest." Yeah, I bet!

Get this though…here’s another kicker to the story –

“The plot line involves Thong Girl's alter ego, Lana Layonme, who went shopping at a lingerie store one day and put on a pair of red thong underwear, which gave her magical powers. In the third installment, Thong Girl faces off against her nemesis, the Dark Widow, who's out to take over country music and turn its artists into rappers.” Seriously? Really? This is a movie? Let’s pronounce Thong Girl’s alter ego. Lana Lay-on-me? Yeah, family friendly. Also, on a side note…why’s the Widow gotta be the bad person? Who gave widows a bad name is what I want to know.

On a side (but so appropriate) note, Wright apparently got into some hot water earlier this year for asking a female employee if she had breast implants.

Wright is quoted as saying, "This is a chance for our people to get in the movies and make some money. I was excited about it."

He shocked when he looked at the Thong Girl Web site and was "surprised" by what he found.

"I didn't have a clue." I’m sorry, but did the title of the film not clue you in?

"If there's something derogatory or sexual in it, I'm not pleased about anything like that being in my office. Of course, nobody would want to see that," the mayor said. Haha, if? IF? The plot centers around a superheroine that flies around in a THONG. A THONG!

To close, a questions begs to be asked. "Thong Girl 3?" Please don't tell me that somewhere out there there is a "Thong Girl 1" and "2." Please don't tell me that these achieved so much success that there would actually be funding to create a third. Sometimes...most times...I worry about the society that I live in. Get a life people and stop watching comic book porn.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Wine on the River

Wine on the River comes once a year here in Middle Tennessee and from what I hear, it is an event that should not be missed. Many local and national wineries will be there sampling some of their best. For attending, you get an etched wine glass too! I know, I know...It's all too much.

It's held on the Shelby Street Bridge (or "The Pedestrian Bridge") which overlooks NashVegas and it's this Saturday. I highly recommend going if you hadn't planned on it.

I understand there is a lot going on in our little town this weekend...but seriously folks...I'll be there...and I'll be volunteering (aka pouring the vino).

So, remember...Do what you must but come Saturday, it's Wine on the River or bust!

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Better not Bitter End

This week has been so frustrating! This too shall pass, though. Right? Right…

And, I do believe that. I am an unfailing and generally unfaltering optimist. All the way to the bitter (hopefully, not “bitter”…possibly “better”) end.

I would love to go into all the reasons why this week has been so trying. For reasons that I won’t give besides I don’t want to be a complainer…and I am a generally private person…I will spare you the specific details.

However, I will say it like this:

I hate being overlooked for things and I hate when my work and intelligence is not respected. I get frustrated when reason is failed to be given or when reason lacks congruency in thought. I hate to see creativity and ambition smothered.

And, I hate waiting in traffic.

Man, Nashville traffic sucked yesterday! And, apparently it was “Cut Sarah Off” and “Turns Signals are Just Accessories” day too.

See, I already feel better. Thanks for listening…er…reading. I’m off my soapbox and I am finished with my diatribe.

Just know, if I were a drinking woman, I would not only have had a liquid lunch…I would have had a liquid afternoon and night too.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Buckets O' Beer in Pictures

Abi, I promised I would post pictures from our Girl's night. To all others, if you've been keeping up with my blog...which I highly doubt, this is the night from the post Buckets O' Beer.

Amy, this is what you missed!

The night begins. Abi, I think these were from the crazy guys...

Andy took this one, I believe. Do we know the guy in the blue?

Not the best picture we've ever taken...

And we tried again...Is my chin really that pointy?

Amy, do you recognize the guy with the mic? Yeah, you know who that is...

Amy, he's coming for you! It almost looks like he's coming in at a jog...or that he just dismounted a horse...either's all positives from my vantage! :)

Abi, this one is yours! Looking back on it, he was attractive. Humm.

Abi, you need to send me pictures from this past weekend. Since my camera was dead, you have them all. There were some good ones in there from what I recall. Hum, that rhymed.

Monday, September 11, 2006


Here are more pictures from my hiking adventure at Fall Creek Falls this past weekend:

Brian in transit...

Daniel and Christian in the car on the way to the park.

Daniel, Christian and Brian...Seriously, this one's a keeper!

And so is this one! Christian and Daniel dangling their feet off the first falls.

Doug, Christian and Brian swimming at the second falls.

Danielle, Doug, Christian and Brian making their way to the falls.

Group shot!
Katie, Doug, Danielle, Brian, Daniel, and Christian

Oh yeah...

And I don't so much heart my Jetta anymore. Poor thing has been in the shop for months...luckily, she was still in warranty (which includes rental car coverage).

What am I driving right now? Oh, a Mitsubishi Galant. Be jealous. Very, Very jealous.

Since the beginnings of my ordeal with Volkswagen though, I have driven a Hyundai Sonata, a Dodge Stratus, and my current...Mitsubishi Galant.

Did you know that Enterprise can sell the car that you are driving? Because they can. That's right. If you are in a rental that has close to 40,000 miles...wait for that phone call...Enterprise will be calling you up to trade cars with you. It's happened to me twice so far. Luckily, the new car only has 14,000 miles. Who knows how many I will be able to put on the Galant by the time my car is complete.

Apparently, Baby Jetta needs a new alternator and the alternator is on a "National Backorder." (As stated by Hallmark Volkswagen)

When I call for the status, they tell me "Well, Ms. Jetta, the computer says that it's 'in process.'" Awesome, it's been 'in process' for 2 months now.

I've also gotten, "Oh, you're the white Jetta!" Comforting. Real comforting.

Now, how 'bout giving me some information on Lemon Laws in Tennessee...

Fall Creek Falls

I went hiking on Sunday at Fall Creek Falls , a Tennessee state park. My friends and I went back in February when snow was covering the ground, so this time it was considerably different! It was a lot more relaxing and fun because I didn't have to worry about slipping on ice and falling down like 50,000 feet. Yeah, that's right. 50,000 feet.

I took some pictures with my camera and will upload those as soon as I can. Here are some that I have received from my fellow hikers.

Above was our whole group taken overlooking the falls.

Swimming in the falls. A tad chilly for me! Looks like fun though!

I'll post my updates as soon as I get them! Have a great week!