Monday, August 01, 2005

My Favorite Places - Nashville

Since I went to Belmont, I like anything close to that area.

Jackson's is always a nice place to sit and talk with friends.

If you haven't been to Pancake Pantry yet, you must go right now...stop reading this and go get their Sweet Potato pancakes!

Tin Roof is a fun night spot, well, the whole Demonbreun area is fun (Dan McGuinness, Christopher Pizza, and Caffine).

Calypso Cafe has the best salads in the world - and they aren't expensive (try the Black Bean salad or the Cayan Chicken Salad).

Centennial Park is a blast and a great place to people watch. Bring bread to feed the birds by the pond!

The Frist is nice...I don't go as much as I would like to and I have always wanted to go to this thing called Frist Fridays. Some friends of mine say it's interesting and different that a normal Friday night.

If you like sushi - Ru Sans is spectacular! There is this one with banana in it (sounds gross - but trust is amazing).

The Natchez Trace is beautiful...especially in the fall. All the leaves turn flaming orange and red making the mountains (okay big hills) look like they are on fire.

I haven't been to this next place since high school but Lover's Circle has a beautiful view of downtown. In HS we used to go up there and make a lot of noise to disturb the people making out. Ahh immaturity! :)

The downtown library. I suggest going as it's a wonderful place to get lost in the day. But I like to this might be biased.

Continuingwith the reading theme - Border's on West End. I haven't been back there since I saw this really small man fall down the stairs but I used to like going there...

I like painting pottery. If you do...BrushFire Pottery is a great place to do it!

The Greenhouse in Green Hills is a fun place to relax with friends.

And I love Crockett Park - it's about two miles from where I live in Brentwood so I go there to run. Every Sunday in the summer they host a great concert series and on July 4th this is where they shoot off the fireworks. This is a great place to view them if you don't want to fight the downtown maddness.

That's all that I can think of for now! Let me know what else I should try!


Jonah said...

You forgot about Cheekwood Garden and art museum! Also Nashville has a pretty good zoo. I love clouded leopards and white handed gibbons.


Sarah Ashlee said...

Oh that's right! I love Cheekwood, as well. The Japanese Gardens are my favorite! The Nashville Zoo is pretty hardcore...and the playground blows my mind!

Deidre said...

My favorite restaurant in town is Mambu.

Sarah Ashlee said...

Ohh! I haven't tried that but it looks great! I'll have to go there soon.

Justin W said...

Sarah forgot

The Loveless, The Schermerhorn, Five Points, The Fountains, Caesar's, Station Inn, Bongo Java, Radnor Lake, Music Row, the Parthenon, War Memorial and Legislative Plazas, Public Square, Percy and Edwin Warner Parks, Dyer Observatory, Courtyard Cafe, Library Lawn,Bosco's, BlackStone, Big River, Riverfront Park, Bicentennial Park, Shelby Park, L&C Tower, and the list could go on and on.

Sarah Ashlee said...

You are so right! Those are great places too! I haven't been to the Schermerhorn yet, but I hear that it's amazing. Great for Nashville and great for all of us that live here... :)

LeBlanc said...

The Trace is da bomb and Tin Roof so used to be my fave hangout (until I got old) and Blackstone too.

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