Monday, November 13, 2006

So, it comes to this...

I haven't posted in quite awhile...and I know I have let you all down immensely.

Will you ever forgive me?

Will any of you come back and start reading again?

This, I suppose, only time will tell.

I have been so bogged down with grad school these past few weeks as one of my classes came to an end. Now, only one remains. And it's a joke of I class, I must say. Oh, and it could be so much better. But it's not. Have I mentioned my professor who chortles? If I have, this is his class. He chortles and has greasy hair.

And I am paying equivalent to two and a half months rent to take it. I love putting things in perspective. Don't you??

I went to Columbus, OH to visit a friend over Halloween. Turned out, I stressed out so much about my costume...I just went the day before and bought a flapper costume. Guess how I picked it out! Give up? It was the only small size remaining...that was semi non-revealing.

Has anyone else noticed this trend? Halloween has all of a sudden become some slut parade. Girls parade around town wearing nothing put underwear, hooker boots and a sword and call themselves a Naughty Pirate. How about the other illustrious ideas I saw: Captain of the Mile High Club, Naughty Referee, Wizard Wanda (a sexy take on Harry Potter costumes), Sexy ladybug and bumble bee costumes, and apparently all the beloved childhood Disney characters can be made sexy. Dirty Dorothy, Little Miss Muffit, Sexy Tin Girl (what?), Sexy Alice in Wonderland, Heidi and Little Bo Peep. It is all really ridiculous. Can't people reserve their indiscretions for the bedroom?

Here's a rule of thumb: If the costume you are wearing came from or is also sold in,,, or bears the Playboy Bunny insignia...leave it in the bedroom. I am sure you have a fantastic body...I'm sure you look great fact, you practically are I can tell you do. Just please, for the love of all things decent...don't make me have to see your nearly bare, naked ass.

If we are going to make referees, cops, gangstas, detectives, cooks, boxers, firefighters, Tool Time girls, and army women sexy, what's next?? Here are three I've complied for next year:

Sexy Fast Food Worker
Sexy Garbage Collector
Sexy Tax Accountant

A note to the uncreative: Please feel free to pillage my ideas. I will not be hurt by your blatant disregard for my originality.


Matthew said...

I think the Garbage Collector is the only one which may be difficult to accomplish. Welcome back, I've missed your bloggings.

Sarah Ashlee said...

I'm glad that I am back as well :)

How are you?! How's life? Where are you these days?

MrWriteNow said...

THERE YOU ARE! I'm a fan (and fellow blogger.) Can I link to you? Check me out.

Keep it up!

Sarah Ashlee said...

Well - I'm glad to have a fan! I think you're my first! :)

Of course you can link to me...I'll be sure to check out your page often.

Eric said...

OK I get it, enough already ok!?

I'm sorry I showed you the pics of me as the naughty pirate and I won't do so again.

Let it go.

Sarah Ashlee said...

Oh, Eric! Don't sell yourself short! The picture of you as the naughty pirate was fine! I just wish you had shaved your legs before the picture was taken...