Saturday, March 28, 2009

Have you seen this?

In short, assists married people in finding others to have affairs with. So, it's like for cheating...

While 90 percent of me is totally disgusted at the thought, the other 10 percent is intrigued at not only the business model but also with the ethics behind it.

In your opinion, should these sites be allowed to exist? I don't think it's anyone right to govern or decide what my morals should be...but I also don't like the thought of websites tailoring to such a lack of moral judgment (of course, in my opinion) - making it easy for people to cheat on their spouses.

The site's been getting quite a lot of media attention. Check some of it out here. Noticeable appearance on Ellen, the Tyra Banks Show and Good Morning America.

What are your thoughts?


Michael said...

I'm torn. Part of me goes--what in the wide, wide world of sports is going on where we have a web site that discreetly helps one to cheat on his or her spouse?!? That just seems wrong.

But then another part of me says--well, at least you know what you're getting into and there is some honesty up front about these things. Let's face it--you cna find cheaters on just about any social networking/dating site. At least this one you know what you're getting up front.

I haven't clicked over to the site yet (at the office and I'm sure the site would ping the filters) but I have to wonder another this really just one step up above the world's oldest profession?

Jim Gibb said...

should they be allowed? yes. this is the internet you know; most of it is hard to even look at, morals aside.

however, the business model seems flawed. at least for me, the more well-known it is, the less likely i would be to use it. after all, if the S.O. knows what it is and checks internet history...

anyway, we need to talk about your %10

hanna said...

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Katie said...

The idea of it definitely makes my stomach churn, but I agree that it's not anyone's right to decide what morals others should uphold. It's COMPLETELY wrong in my opinion, but since it's not my place to decide what's right or wrong for everyone else in the world, I suppose the sites should be allowed to exist.