Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Time - Photo Essays

Tying into my post about perspectives, these photo essays put images to two tragedies - the Minnesota bridge collapse and the monsoons in India.

The first, entitled the Worst Bridge Collapses in the Past 100 Years, is a photographic journey through the heartbreak that surrounds senseless tragedies.

  • Photo 3, The Skywalk collapse in Kansas City
  • Photo 6, Rainbow Bridge collapse in Qijiang county, China - A government official who ignored signs of decay was sentenced to death.
  • Photo 10, Bridge in Bihar, India
The second, entitled Asia's Monsoon, takes you through the affected region. "Though the monsoon is an annual event, this is the heaviest season Bihar has seen in 30 years. The Indian government reports this year's rains have killed over 1,200 since June and displaced some 14 million people."
  • Photo 4, Heartbreaking
  • Photo 7, Waiting for the flood waters to recede, India has yet to see the worst.
  • Photo 9, Sad subject - beautiful composition.
  • Photo 10 and 12, Nothing but water as far as the eye can see.
  • Photo 11, Nowhere else to go.


Matthew said...

I'm glad that you're gaining these perspectives. It tires me when I see the arrogant coverage of the US Media as it relates to world events. It's hard NOT to take away a sense that brown lives don't matter.

Take Virginia Tech, for example. Two days after the shootings, Iraq experienced the deadliest day for innocent civilian casualties since the AP began recording nationwide death tolls. In Virginia, 32 innocent people died. In Iraq, 233 innocent people died. That's 35 times more.

Just one of many MANY examples.

Welcome to having a more worldly view. :)

patrick stubblefield said...

I didn't realize that many bridges have collapsed. Some because of a single faulty bolt?! I'm never crossing a bridge again.

By the way, just an FYI, your Asia link took me to the collapsed bridge. It's probably my computer that's messing up, but in case it isn't...