Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Apoligies and the Like

But I have come out of hiding.

I have done so because of recent news regarding Governor Spitzer's announcement that he, shall I say this lightly, had an affinity for ladies of the night.

You know what? That's fine and well. Same ol' sob story...same ol' tune. Whatever.

What is biting my ass right now....what is really twisting my panties in a knot is the media's reactions to his wife.


We're going to start judging people's reactions to terrible news moments after they hear it? So she stood by him? So, what?! Does that make her less "feminist" to you? Not as "strong"?

Well, it shouldn't.

While I cannot stand up for what this jerk off did, I can also not stand by the media persecuting women for "choosing" (and I say "choosing" very lightly) to stand beside her husband of God knows how many years and the father of her two (edit: three) children - at least for their sakes.

She doesn't have to do it forever....and judging by what I've seen, she obviously didn't like it. Put yourself in her shoes just for a moment.

Imagine your spouse, who you were (maybe) happily married to that morning, decided to break this terrible news to you. Would you love him/her any less than you did that morning? You may hate him/her - you may find that person and their actions absolutely despicable, but do you really love that person any less than you did 4 or even 8 hours ago. I hope that you say "no". And I hope that you maybe can understand her "willingness" to stand up with (not for) her husband.

If you're going to nail anyone to the cross - let it be MR. Spitzer.


LeBlanc said...

Well said and welcome back from your hiding place.

Sarah Ashlee said...

Thanks!! I am glad to be back - hopefully it sticks!! :)

I've missed everyone!!

Michael said...

I had kind of a similar reaction to you. I felt for her....because her whole world has changed.

I've never been through something like that, but I have been through a life crisis and changes coming so fast that all you can plan for is to breath the next time you exhale. I have a feeling she's there and healing slowly from it...

patrick stubblefield said...

Welcome back!! I went to church with a family in high school whose father left the house to go live with his "girlfriend." Eventually he came crawling back, and to my amazement, his wife took him back!? I've thought a lot about that couple over the years, and I've come to realize that leaving him would have been the easy thing to do. It takes courage and strength to stand by the person you love after he/she has done something like that. The love that she displayed for her husband is unconditional, and I think that's what we're supposed to strive for, right? I think that kind of love is tough to come by... I say all of that to say; I think you're right on.