Thursday, March 20, 2008

Grammar Guide

You know those certain things that keep you up at night? You swear you're going to remember to look them up in the morning...and then you don't.

This time, I remembered to look them up - putting to bed two of my sleep stealers.

Pled vs. Pleaded

Internet consensus? Either is correct. It's simply a matter of preference. "Pled" seems to be more old-fashioned, however. The AP Stylebook, on the other hand, condemns "pled" saying that it is colloquial.

Which one do I prefer? I've always preferred "pled" - but, then again, I've always been an old-fashioned kinda girl, I guess.

Hung vs. Hanged

Hung apparently refers to something you would hang on a wall. People dangling from ropes, however, are always hanged.

Interesting, huh?

Oh, and did you hear about this? Literally, stuck on the toilet. Gross.

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