Friday, January 05, 2007

Go Belmont!

The Nashville Scene announced their annual Best of Nashville 2006 a little bit ago - and Belmont scored! Go Bruins!

Best Place for Continuing Education
1. Nashville State Community College (interesting...)
2. Vanderbilt University
3. Belmont University

Best MBA Program
1. Belmont University
2. Vanderbilt University
3. Middle Tennessee State University

And let us not forget the U.S. News and World Report rise recently!


Dlogos said...

Nashville State Community College is number 1...why because it's cheaper state school? Hmmm...and we all know that state schools subscribe to much higher standards than private schools (snicker)...
After all that I've heard about the Vandy MBA program it's surprising that it ranks behind Belmont. Pretty impressive.


Sarah Ashlee said...

Isn't it?!

dp said...

The Vanderbilt MBA program does NOT rank behind Belmont - it is a top 25 program in the COUNTRY, which is much more than Belmont can claim.

Sarah Ashlee said...

But it does rank behind according to those who voted in Nashville...maybe not the country...but then, I never claimed that.