Monday, July 23, 2007

Bikini-Clad Mowers in Memphis

They'll mow your lawn almost naked! So far, there have been no requests for the male version. Probably because men mow the lawn sans shirt anyway. Why pay more?


bobuster said...

Seems like quite a good marketing strategy! Before I moved to TN, I knew of a hair salon where the women cut hair while wearing bikinis and/or lingerie!

Sarah Ashlee said...

Oh, Bobuster...Can I liken this to "I friend used to get his hair cut at this place..." Come on, you know you went there! ;)

Barber of Seville said...

Good call! In a related item, it's widely known in the military that if you deploy to, or are stationed in, South Korea that visiting the local "barber shops" gets you more than just a nice trim. It also comes (pun intended) with a "Happy Ending."

Back to the lawn service, is it wrong to request they give give my bushes a Brazilian?

Innuendos abound! :)

Slave to the dogs said...

Reminds me a bit of this service the spousal unit told me about (to my knowledge he's never used it):

Caddy Chicks

Hmmm....maybe if I let him get one he'll let me find a hot shirtless guy to mow our lawn....;)

Michael said...

It's not nearly as blatant as the adult entertaiment establishment in Nashville that had "totally topless" carwashes a couple of summers ago. I worked near the place and had to drive by it daily....I admit I was curious as to how they'd pull this off.