Wednesday, July 18, 2007

What a "Bass"inine Thing to Do!

Ha. Ha. Ha. "Bass"inine! Ha. Ha. Ha. Get it?! Like asinine?! Only with a bass?! Oh, keep reading, you'll get the correlation in a minute.

Oh, it's early...and sometimes...when I'm tired...I crack myself up.


Well, I read an article this morning, while sipping some java and perusing my Google Reader, about Albert Gore.

Good ole Al.

His efforts at environmental conservation and reducing carbon footprints - when his is incredibly large - are well intended. And his Live Earth celebration stirred up much criticism regarding all the air travel and waste that was produced because of the concerts.

It's just,'ve got to walk your talk...or well, you'll reap what you sew.

Anyway, he's in a new hot-bed of environmental hypocrisy.

Apparently, at his daughter's wedding over the weekend he served Chilean Sea Bass. What's the big deal, you ask? Well, it's only one of the most endangered fish in the world. (Although, you can read this article for a dissenter's opine).

Why do I care? Well, my dad's a fisheries biologist/conservationist...and I, well...dislike hypocrites very much.

Oh well. I just want Gore to be a real conservationist. A real giant for the green. A green giant...if you will.

Happy Wednesday. That's what I've got for this morning. Will be in touch and hopefully not bitter later. :)


Scotty said...

People who don't practice what they preach... generally not a fan of them.

Anonymous said...

Entertaining read, but I am deeply disturbed by your use of a green giant charicature with what can only be described as "club penis." What's up with that?

Sarah Ashlee said...

HAHAHAHA - What the heck is that?!?! I am tempted to remove...but simply cannot bring myself to replace that wonderful picture.

Slave to the dogs said...

It also kinda looks like he's standing and pinching a ginormous loaf.

Overfishing is a huge problem in general, not just for the Patagonian toothfish. Governments don't enforce quotas on the legal fishing, not to mention the pirates.

Anonymous said...

You've obviously never watched an episode of Deadliest Catch, because US Marine Patrols most certainly do check to see if commercial fishers are illegal due to hauling crab that's out of season or undersized...

As for the Green Giant with Elephantitis, we now know how he got his name and why his smile is so large and smug...

Slave to the dogs said...

Most of the commercial fishing in the world is not done where the US Marines patrol, anon. Was that tongue-in-cheek?

Anonymous said...

LOL! I did not mean the US Marines so much as the commercial fishing enforcement arm of the US Dept of Commerce. Sorry for the confusion...

True, we are one of the very few (possibly only) countries that has the social consciousness and fiscal resources to concern itself with such things.

Ok, who's up for a filet-o-fish?

I'll drive!

Jim Gibb said...

Oh, looks like everyone always has a response to everything. Who's a boy to believe?

Sarah Ashlee said...

Oh that is so very good to hear!! Like I said, I really want him to be a Green Giant. :)

I liked the part in the article where it said..."this story was picked up by bloggers around the world."


That was me.