Thursday, August 04, 2005

feeding my addiction

I don't know if you are from Nashville (honestly, not many are), or if you are living here (like me) or maybe...just've never even been here before...but I must tell you about my experience feeding my addiciton a couple nights ago.

Because BBLogan activated my addiction for bullseye and bread, I ventured out to the new Target and the new Panera Bread on Old Hickory Boulevard. The food at Panera was amazing, as usual. I love this place. When I went to UTK, I ate at the one on the Strip all the time. That's where I became addicted first.

Anyway, I had the Vegeterian Black Bean soup and the Asian Chicken salad - both delicious. The Asian Chicken salad has cilantro in it - this stuff is like cat nip to me. I crave it and there is no explanation as to why. I would put it on everything if I could. If it came in chapstick form, I would slather it all over my lips.

Umm - that's weird. I wouldn't do that. I swear!

Anyway, then I walked over to the Target and it is designed so different from the other ones in Nashville/Brentwood that it felt like I was in another town. Everything was all flip-floped. I liked it! After I dropped a measly $60 on things that I didn't need, I walked out. The sun was setting over the mountains in the distance, there was a vast parking lot in front of me. I didn't recognize anything. Now I really felt like I was in another town in vacation...going to Target and eating at Panera.

I breathed deep...sighed...and while walking back to my car decided that I love Nashville - and I love Target - and I love Panera.


Deidre said...

Next time you go, let me know and I will meet you there so that I can be on "vacation" too. =)

Disgruntled Car Salesman said...

Drove through Nashville, never been. Hadn't thought of it as a vacation destination, but after I get Austin, Tx. out of the way in a week, Tampa out of the way in October, and Las Vegas out of the way next February, I'll check it out. Incedently, we have Targets and Paneras up here too, both of which I have frequented, and don't plan on stopping at if I make it to Nashville. Maybe I'll check out that country music hall of fame dealy ya'll (like the dialect) got down there.

Sarah Ashlee said...

dp - I will totally meet you there...and we can be on a vacation! Sometime after work we should go there...Yes...that sounds good!

BBLogan said...

Ooooh...oooohhh. Can I come, too? I think I've discovered my shopping gene... really. LOVE that place.

Sarah Ashlee said...

Totally! We've got ND next Wednesday...what about the next Wednesday? We can make it a weekly thing?! Tradition! That's what we are lacking in the MKT Department!