Thursday, August 18, 2005


First off - I am stopping using all lower case letters. It bothers me now and it is really of no artistic value.

Now - on to reminiscing.

Riding with my dad on the way in to work got me thinking about high school; specifically, freshman and sophomore years.

My dad used to do the craziest things to me when he would drop me off. You’re probably saying to yourself, “Sure, Sarah, everyone has had embarrassing experiences like that with their parents at one time or another.” But, I say that you have no idea.

My dad has a agency vehicle. It’s a Ford Expedition so it’s already a behemoth on the road – commanding attention. This is not to mention that it has lights on the top…you know…like police officers or drug enforcement or the fire department. Yup. Nothing scares the pants of snotty nosed teenagers like law enforcement. Well, it also has sirens and a big law type emblem on the side. Super.

So, this is what he used to do to me. We’d get about a mile from the school, maybe not even that far. Well, he would ever so slightly flip the flashing lights on and just drive down the road towards my school. I was usually in a daze or asleep on the way in while my dad would listen to John Boy and Billy. It was only when I got out of the car and started into school when I would turn to make sure that my dad was, in fact, leaving, that I would notice the lights ablaze. Everyone would look at me like I was the weirdest kid.

Anyway, I think about these things now because, since my wreck, my dad has been taking me to work…just like the old days. Luckily, he doesn't take me in the enforcement car anymore. One day next week, we are going to leave early to stop by Starbucks and drink it all the way in to work. He always makes me feel bad though….about the drinks that I get because mine are always so overpriced. This is how I feel about that.

It costs them about $0.20 to make his beverage because he just orders regular coffee. The mark-up on that, since they charge $2.00, is outrageous! All they do is brew enough coffee for 20 or so people and let it sit around until it sells. Man, that’s hard. But with mine, the baristas actually have to do something. They have to make my beverage - for me. So, when I say that I want a Grande Skinny Vanilla Late with just a little foam. They actually have to do something about that. Not just put it in a cup. So, I am paying not only for my beverage and its’ container, I am paying for the labor it takes to make my beverage. Now, I don’t know the markup on that, and while it is still outrageous, I think that I come out better.

So there.

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