Tuesday, August 16, 2005

stop begging...gosh!!!

okay people...here are pictures of my cube at work. this is where i spend 8 hours of my day, monday thru friday.

so, you can all stop begging to see it now! okay...no one asked to see it. well, maybe two people. thanks guys!

this is a picture taken from the hallway that leads to my cube. there is a bookcase behind me. look how important i am - all those documents hanging on the walls of my cube.

i really need to get a shot of my name plate. that's right...i have a name plate. see that frosted panel of glass...it's on there. freakin' super glued. i'm not going anywhere!

these are the semi-panoramic shots of my cube. i have my art hanging or resting on both sides of my cube walls - so that i can be influenced by a creative flair. pictures of friends are on my desk and on the walls in front of my computer...brittany that's you and me by my desk in the frame! i know you won't read this...but whatever.

on the right hand side you will notice a big blue and yellow poster. that is the timeline of "my company". very interesting. very interesting. In the right hand corner there is my counseling chair. that's where i fire all the employees that cross me the wrong way. through that glass window (also on the right) is tom. In front of me, sits jeanne. Across from jeanne is dp.


dp said...

Waaaaaaay too much time on your hands. Way too much. ;)

Alison said...

Oh my gosh Sarah - you are cracking me up! hee hee hee :)

Sarah Ashlee said...

I brought my camera to work for this reason...Maybe I do have to much time on my hands... :)

Maybe it just because I am carless and can't go anywhere...

What I need my friends...is a really sweet bike...

crazy j elam said...

Sounds like Sarah has too much time on her hands =)
Anyway, i think I might be able to hook you up with a sweet and sour bicycleta. So you can bicycle the twenty miles to work and back.
Or you can try the used auto salesfloor. get it now, only $ 2995!!
take care
Crazy Justin

dp said...

gasp! What happened to Tom's space?

Sarah Ashlee said...

He axed himself from MySpace. The looser. I need to take him off my blogroll thing.