Friday, July 21, 2006

Dude, I got a Dell!

Seriously, she's beautiful. Absolutely beautiful!

On Ode to My Dell:

Oh new little computer,
How I love you!
Sorta like Mr. Darcy, but without the fur...
You're going to make my life simpler,
This I can see.
I won't be so isolated,
Maybe someone will IM me.
You've got a DVD burner,
And this rocks!
I'll be the life of the party,
Instead of sorting their socks.
I've protected you with anti-virus software,
So the hackers beware!
Don't mess with my new little Dell
Or you'll go straight to Alabama...(AKA Hell)

Thanks for you time and attention. Hope you like my new toy!


dp said...

Wow. Your poetry is so moving.

Congrats on your new toy. Grad student with accessories - so hot.

BBLogan said...

Oh... how I long to love my computer so...
**wiping tears away**