Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Talk about a sweet tooth!

Article by Sarah Kelly, staff writer for the Nashville Scene.

Bon appetit

A shopper who indulged her sweet tooth at the Kroger on Thompson Lane was arrested when she attempted to leave without paying for her midday snack. Two officers on duty at the supermarket observed Holly Brady pick up “a bag of assorted candies” from the shelf and begin “eating from the bag” as she wandered up and down the aisles. The 42-year-old then opened a box of “California Girl” press-on nails, inspected the product and “placed the item back on the rack.” According to a police affidavit, Chambliss ditched the candy and headed for the exit, but officers intervened and she was charged with theft and vandalism. The value of the candy consumed was $2.97, and the package of fake nails that was damaged cost $4.99.

My thoughts??

"Mam, I'm gonna have to ask you to step away from the gummy bears and put both hands in the air. Put 'em down! No, no...not your hands...the gummy bears. Put the gummy bears down. Oh for Heaven's sake...just give me the gummy bears. Oh, these are good! Try the red one? Oh, yeah that one's the best..."

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