Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Independence Day 2006

I took a video with my Kodak EasyShare camera on the 4th. Personally, I think it rocks! I hope you do too.

My friend and I got tickets to this, well...kind of...dirty bar downtown Nashville to watch the fireworks. The bar is just skanky. Not somewhere I would go if it weren't in prime firework watching territory...and if the tickets weren't free. Humm...

This being said, when I went to answer the call of nature there was a lady in the bathroom. She was ready and willing to help me with my every bodily need. This is something I expect to see in a nice restaurant, country club, etc...but not here. It's loud in this bathroom, chaos is all around. Girls redoing their hair with the hair spray provided. Gargling with the mouth wash provided. Eating candy out of the bowl provided (gross!!!).

The door to my particular stall wouldn't close all the way but this bathroom attendant (whom I cannot understand) persists to usher me inside and block my door with a stool. So, now I can't get out.

When I finished answering the call I knocked on the stall door, but it was still so loud in there she couldn't hear me! So I push on the door. Push again. The stool doesn't move, but it does go crashing to the ground. Fabulous.

When I make my way to the sink she squirts soap into my hands before I even have a chance to turn on the water. So now I have a handfuls of soap and no water. My soapy fists turn on the faucet...but no water comes out. But I can hear the pipes straining in the walls. Attendant lady dives for the faucet and turns it off. I hear her mutter "this one" as she points to another sink. Okay...

I notice a fish bowl filled with pocket change and it is then that I realize she is doing this for tips. At this crappy place...on the Fourth of July...she is trying to earn a living collecting tips...in a bathroom.

I just didn't feel right celebrating all night.

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