Friday, June 08, 2007

It might be the best day of my life...

A screaming Paris was sent back to prison today to serve her original 45-day (minus the "five" days she has already served) sentence.

Praise be to the LA court system; my faith has been restored!

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bobuster said...

In my opinion, she is a complete waste of human life! What does she add to society? If she ceased to exist, there would be more good oxygen for others that do add something to society! Can you say that her existence is worth while because she is a role model? Please!!! Model citizen? Please!!! There is only one reason that anyone pays any attention to her...they want to see that large "sliver spoon" that is sticking out of her "ace", and what she is going to do with it next!

Sirius A said...

She sucks, but she's still a human being. We should demand justice but we shouldn't rejoice in her misery of having to spend time in jail. Jail isn't a happy place to be for anyone, rich or not.

Jenny said...

i think this commentary sums up the paris situation well. we feel she's been forced upon us for all these years and so it's good to see her just go away. i don't know - the public outcry against her kind of depresses me. i'm glad to see justice being served, but i do actually feel sorry for her.

Anonymous said...

Why do people care or have pity for her? That's absurd! Seriously, people, wake up and look at the big picture.

Her life is one of abundance and excess, which she will return to as soon as she's done serving her time. If anything, this might make her think about her behavior when she gets out. She obviously missed out on all of life's lessons regarding personal behavior due to her pampered upbringing.

It's hard to have sympathy for someone who's life is so easy. She is spoiled and has virtually everything given to her without merit.

She isn't being persecuted for who she is or her lack of contributions to society. She is merely being held to the same standard as everyone else. Where's the tragedy in that?

This is something I'm happy about, because it can be GOOD for her.

Sarah Ashlee said...

bobuster - Not so sure that I agree that she is a waste of human life...we are, in fact, talking about she can't be that much of a waste. And she provides good diversions from my day with entertainment value.

She's like a car accident on the side of the road - you know you shouldn't look...but you want to...really bad.

And there are plenty of people who aren't role models or model citizens that I wouldn't call "unworthwhile".

That being said, perhaps we haven't seen Paris' time to shine yet. Perhaps one day we will all be surprised!

Sarah Ashlee said...

Sirius A and Jenny - I totally agree. There is a part deep within me that feels bad for her. For most of the "normal" folk, prison would be hard enough...but for people of Paris' caliber...God only knows how hard it will be for her. While I am glad she didn't get off as easy as 40 days at home, lounging by the pool, I actually think her sentence might have been a little extreme.

I suppose we shall see if she actually has to serve it...I believe she has an appeal on Monday.

bobuster said...

Sarah, you are maybe right, it was maybe a bit harsh of me to say that she is a waste of human life...just think of all the unemployed paparazzi there would be if she ceased to exist!
I guess what bothers me most is that people are in the same situation that she is in everyday, but because of her status, the media blows it way out of proportion. Seriously, if it weren't for all of the media attention that she is getting, would Al Sharpton be protesting her release? No way! He sees the media hot topic, and want to jump on the band wagon!

Slave to the dogs said...

Reading this news was the most fabulous sendoff I could ask for on my weekned in the mountains with the spousal unit. Let's hope it sticks this time.