Thursday, June 07, 2007

Spelling Bee Champion

Om. My. Gosh. That poor anchor woman! Seriously, I feel so bad for laughing because I have the distinct feeling that this kid might be mentally handicapped. But then again, he's a good speller. Is there a disability that makes one a phenom speller...but by all other accounts...act like an idiot? Or is he just socially awkward because he's home schooled?


Slave to the dogs said...

To the kid's credit, she really didn't seem to be enunciating the word correctly.

Other than that, either he's Rain Boy or my misgivings about home schooling are completely and entirely founded.

Sarah Ashlee said...

I think your misgivings regarding home school have been founded! :)

Matthew said...


That's why I'm glad my mother sent me to public school. I'm not a social retard. Usually. :)