Tuesday, September 13, 2005

To my few readers...

...I am so sorry for the lapse in postings. I have good excuses, though…I swear!

A lot has happened to me in the past month. It wasn’t enough that I total my car, oh no!

So, you all know about that…let me tell you about things that you may not know about. Well, I bought a car! Obvious by the title of my new blog (which is less appealing to internet stalkers), I bought a VW Jetta.

The picture is exactly what my car looks like. White with black leather interior! I don’t have any pictures of me and my car yet – but those will be coming soon, I can assure you. Also obvious by my blog’s title, is the fact that I am in love with her. She is amazing! I haven’t named her yet, but I am thinking about naming her Katrina since I bought her on the day the hurricane hit the Gulf. Unfortunately, this purchase wiped me out financially. I am very lucky that State Farm gave me a considerable and generous amount for my totaled Honda Accord.

My family has a condo in Orange Beach that nearly was demolished by Hurricane Ivan about a year ago. It just got back and it good working shape in February and then along came Katrina. We were all nervous about it hitting our condo…and then having to deal with the reconstruction all over again. We were spared but now I wish that ours had been hit to save people’s homes and lives. Our condo, in the scheme of things, is not that important. We have insurance on it (obviously) but most of the people in LA weren’t so lucky. It’s a second home…not our home…

We’ve rented it out to a family recommended by FEMA and they are staying there until they can find something more permanent.

Changing subjects, while I was at the ER for my wreck, the doctor on call recommended that I get this certain mole on my back looked at. She said that it was of the utmost importance that I do this immediately. The next week I scheduled an appointment with my dermatologist and had it checked out. That very day, she decided that it would be in my best interest to remove it immediately. So, I had it taken off – right then and there. She put the regular type stitches in; so, a week and a half later, I had to go and get them taken out. When my doctor came in she said, “Sarah I want to talk to you about your results. And before I go on, I want to assure you that you do not have and are not getting cancer.” What I heard, however, was “Sarah you have cancer and are going to die.” My eyes welled up with tears and my impending demise, mainly because I was just scared at what she could possibly say next. She told me that I would more area would have to be removed in a more complicated surgical procedure. I asked her how big the scarring area would be and when she said “It will be football shaped” I started to cry again. I was imagining my entire back as one big football shaped scar. Obviously, she only meant that it would be football shaped not football sized. From what I understand, it will be about 21/2 inches long…I’m not sure how wide. A friend at work told me that I should get a tattoo of goal posts around it and then tattoo the actual scar brown. That'd be cool...

Here's Tom's drawing of my future tat. Thanks Tom!

I guess the important thing is that I don’t have cancer.

In about two weeks I will be closing on my new condo and completing the walkthrough inspection. I will be flying for the second time in my life…to Washington, D.C. on a business trip. When I get back to Nashville, I will be faced with the daunting task of actually moving into my new condo. On October 17, I will be having my surgery at 8:00am.

So, the chaos is not over…not by a long shot. But hey, this is what life is all about! Sometimes, it’s a little crazy…sometimes, it’s a little boring…But we have to do as much as we can with the time that we’ve been blessed with.

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