Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Four Signs She's into You

You’re at a bar. You notice a woman. She notices you. You move closer, drink in hand. She tosses her hair and crosses her legs. Does it mean anything? You bet. Is it a good sign? Could be. More than 70% of communication between humans is non-verbal, meaning you can learn a lot, and save yourself from potential embarrassment, just by watching a potential love interest. Check out these things you can tell about a woman before she even says word one.

Sign #1: She’s all decked out
What you can tell: A woman’s appearance can translate into how much attention she needs, and is willing to give. “When a woman takes care of herself, men assume she’ll be able to take care of them,” she says. That’s the upside. “But if her appearance is perfectly flawless, that is the standard she’ll measure you by,”

Sign #2: She licks her lips
What you can tell: “There is a certain kind of lip-licking that means she’s interested. Look for a slow movement of just the upper part of the tongue across the lips. A woman has to make an effort to do that, so it’s very come-hither.”

Sign #3: She tosses her hair
What you can tell: “Any kind of preening is a woman’s attempt to get noticed." One particularly good sign: “If she flips her hair back with her wrist exposed, she’s opening herself up to you.” In fact, any exaggerated hair toss (as opposed to a quick sweep of the bangs to get them out of the way), is a positive thing.

Sign #4: Her feet face you
What you can tell: “Where the feet go, the heart follows. If a woman is into you, the bottom portion of her body will face you. If her lower body is turned away, chances are it’s not shyness, it’s a lack of interest.” Most women have been taught to be polite, so they may turn to face you with their upper bodies. “But the lower body is what separates attraction from civility. Even when she’s talking to other guys, if her feet are pointed toward you, she’s interested. It’s a very good indicator.”

Now that you know how to decode body language, get out there and use this info to approach the women who are interested in you… and not bother with those who aren’t.


Anonymous said...

Wow... someone's really into herself! LOL! :)

Sarah Ashlee said...

SAD! Not into myself (not any more than the next blogger)...only trying to help some of the opposite gender out... :)

crazy j elam said...

have a great day, sarah.