Monday, October 16, 2006

Aqualung Anti-Christ

Well, as you, my loyal and attentive reader may recall, I went to the Fray concert at the Ryman Auditorium on Thursday.

I was super excited and could barely breathe.

The concert and the boys of the Fray ever exceeded my teenage girl'ish expectations and desires.'s how the night progressed.

Abi and I met Chris and his girlfriend, Lisa, at Ru San's and dined on some exquisite sushi. Again, I know I mentioned this before, but if you have not eaten here, you really should. Lisa isn't the biggest fan of raw fish and she really enjoyed herself...or at least I think she did!

On to the concert!

We get there and the opener's opener is playing. So, no one I've heard of. We get settled into our seats (eh hem...pew) and try to think if there are any last minute things we need to take care of. Bathroom, check. Phone calls, check. Food, check. Beverage, check. We're good!

Aqualung comes on. I'm excited, I like Aqualung. Not nearly as much as the Fray...but like them nonetheless. They're playing and surprisingly, everyone continues to talk, walk around and get situated. They play for a good 30 minutes and then...all Hell broke loose.

Abi and I are sitting about six inches apart we're minding our own business (as all good stories start), chatting it up (like everyone else in the audience), when there comes a massive pounding in between us on our wooden pew. Whack! Whack! Whack!

In the seconds that followed, Abi and I both thought that this Whack! must have come from someone we knew. I mean we are that popular. Surely, it was someone saying something along the lines of, "Oh my gosh! I didn't notice that was you right there? How excited are y'all for the show?! Me too! Hehehe!"


We turn around. Smiles broad showing our big toothy grins. And this is what greets us...

"Ladies! I didn't pay $60 for these tickets to hear you bitches talk the whole time, so shut up!"

Seriously, I thought my jaw had dropped to the floor before...but relative to what I experienced Thursday night...well, those times were nothing. It seems like it took Abi and I an eternity to finally turn around and come to terms with what just happened. First off, I was called a bitch seriously for the first time in my life. Second off, I had to come to terms with the fact that I let some nobody tell me what to do.

Oh - I was furious! Probably more mad that I have been, oh ever! I start thinking of all the things that I could/should have said back to her. For instance, "When are you going to tell all the other 'bitches' in here to shut-up. Go ahead. We're waiting. You've got a lot of area to cover, oh yeah, that's right...because everyone else in here is talking!

But I didn't.

I just leaned into Abi so the Aqualung Anti-Christ couldn't see her beloved band. Then I whispered to Abi, "You have got to be kidding me."

Abi's response? It was priceless. "Don't talk to me. Don't talk to me." Oh Abi. She's one that I always wanted in a fight. I was sure that she would beat someone in my honor. But no. The Aqualung Anti-Christ got to her and I must be honest, she was extremely scary. This story is not to be taken lightly.

Well, I heard the guy that was with her say something about, "I can't believe you garble de gook." To which her response was something like, "Don't defend them! I came to hear the music, not those bitches."

So, there was only one more song when that song ended. One More! If she could have just held out one more song, she wouldn't have had to have been the Aqualung Anti-Christ! But she didn't. The break before the Fray came and I got up and looked directly at her and her "boyfriend" (to whom I hope to God is not her boyfriend today). Neither one of them would make eye contact with me. Neither one. They were both too embarrassed. Probably her for her heat of the moment actions and him for his significant other. Choose more wisely next time, buddy. She wasn't even cute.

So, long story short, I knew a friend up in the balcony and Abi and I broke in up there. It was fantastic and Hank, if you're reading this - thanks for helping us score those seats!

Here are some pictures from that night.

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