Thursday, October 12, 2006

Missing Grey's Tonight...

...Because I'm going to see the Fray and Aqualung! People...I am so excited!

SO excited!

I am sitting here at work about to burst out of my skin. I'm going to the concert with my friend Abi and we're meeting two of my friends for dinner and drinks beforehand. I'm thinking Ru San's. Will have to get the groups consensus on this matter, however.

I think our seats suck...but deep down, I am excited about being in the same room as these bands. Sharing their air. Perhaps I will happen to breathe in some of the air they exhale.

Gross - I'm really not psychotic. Just incredibly excited! I've already said that though, right? Yeah, I did.

So Grey's will have to wait. I'll have to record it. That's right, I said record on video tape. I haven't moved to the whole DVR/Tivo thing. I don't even have cable or internet. Thank God Grey's is on ABC!

I'll probably cry when the Fray plays "Look After You." Ahhh...probably my favorite song of theirs.

Smiles and happiness to everyone. Lord knows I have enough to go around!

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Matthew said...

I rather like the Fray also. I hope you enjoy the show. If I can score a cheap ticket on Tuesday, I might try to go to their 2nd Chicago show.

Hey, you owe me a dinner. Can I collect on it around the first week of November? I'm tentatively back in Nashville then, and it'd be really nice to see you. :)