Monday, October 02, 2006

Sunday Woes

Last night, I picked up my friend Abi from the airport. She had visited her family in North Carolina and was coming in from a relaxing weekend. Abi called me when her flight landed and I headed off to the airport to play the good friend role.

The airport was really crowded last night for some bizarre reason; then again, maybe it always is and I just never fly so I wouldn’t know. So I circled once. I got back around and Abi still wasn’t there. I circled again. Still not there…so I decided to see if anyone would notice if I lingered in the unloading zone. Well, the Parking Nazi did…and he was about 80 years old…but he was scary…don’t be fooled by outward appearances or age. With a stiff finger and several tense moves he directed me out of my spot and there I was, circling again.

Abi called to let me know they had lost her luggage. They weren’t exactly sure where it was, but it was indeed lost. So, while she talked with the airline about next steps I waited in my car in the waiting area…without the Nazi.

I was given word about 10 minutes later that Abi was on her way out. I went to meet her. She was, needless to say, a tad vexed. I tired to comfort her in the best way I knew how…”Um, it could be worse…” which is never helpful.

We started on our way to drop her off at her car, which was parked at her office. While en route I kept hearing this buzzing noise. I thought perhaps there was some sort of large beetle or *scary* some sort of biting/stinging inset. But it sounded like it was coming out of my dash board. From the inside. I turned on the blinker and it stopped.

Seconds later, the ABS light came on and then the Airbag light came on, followed by the Check Engine light. Awesome. Well, all I had to do was make it home, right. Right. So, we’re trucking on down I 4-40. We get on 1-65 N and the radio goes off. Silence. Then the interior console lights go off. Now I can’t see how fast I’m going. Though it sure is a blessing not seeing all those glaring lights shining back at me telling me to check things that I don’t know what are. As long as I’ve got headlights, right. Right.

Then they go off. Awesome. I’m traveling down the interstate not knowing how fast I’m going and without headlights…and also with an expired tag.

I called my parents because they always know what to do. Always. Of course, as usual, they did. We made our plan and Abi and I continued on to her office. We were pulling up to the gate at her building and I had to put my window down to enter in the key code. Yeah…the whole electrical thing wasn’t working so well…but the window finally did go down. Just didn’t so go back up so well. The distance from the gate to Abi’s car is about 75 feet. In this time, Abi asks me…”Do you think you’ll make it back to my place, or do you think you should just leave your car here?”

“Oh, I think I’ll make it. Just make sure to follow behind me.”

Then my car starts sputtering. And it dies. Right there. Rolling into a parking space.

Poor little Jetta. She made it as long as she could.

So, here I am again. Carless and at the mercy of others.

Only now, I’m out of a warranty. Perhaps because it was an existing condition they will help me out again. And by help out, I mean pretend to fix things while scratching their asses.

Oh, I’m sorry.

And yet, not really.


xanthuos said...

So sorry to hear...especially since it is out of warranty, or whatnot.

Besides this, how are you? :)

Sarah Ashlee said...

Besides all this...I am doing quite swell...peachy even! How are you?!

xanthuos said...

I'm dandy. I've been "living" in Nashville since the end of July, though frequently go out of town...but am enjoying being back in the Volunteer State! :)

Jonathan said...

your cats name is Mr. Darcy? Like from Jane Austin's "Pride and Prejudice" ??

Sarah said...

Jonathan - the very same, dashing Mr. Darcy from "Pride and Prejudice". I haven't seen the newest version of P&P but I hear it's good.