Thursday, May 03, 2007

Moms should earn $138,095

This article takes me back to my high-school years.

I don't know how many times I got in trouble for snapping at my mom that she didn't work. A highly educated woman, my mom took serious offense to my implication that she didn't contribute to the household.

I truly appreciate that she quit work when I was younger, allowing me the luxery of not attending daycare or after-school programs. When I got into high school and later, college (and still to this day), was when I wondered what exactly it was that she did around the house all day long...when there was no one to look after (I'm an only child). There certainly can't be that much cleaning to do day in and day out.

To this day, her feathers would ruffle if she read this post. Though she had me come over last night because she was "bored".

Well, getting to my point, conducted a survey which 40,000 mothers responded to. They detailed their jobs and how many hours they worked per week. The calculations were tabulated...and the salary for moms was decided.


The average mom apprently works 10 jobs totaling 92 hours per week.

Among the jobs detailed in the survey, these were the most common:
-Day-care center teacher
-Computer operator
-Laundry machine operator
-Facilities manager
-Van driver
-Chief executive officer

Okay - seriously, I understand if you are running a household of multiple children. Multiple. But I do a lot of the jobs on this list...and no one is trying to figure out what the things I do are worth.

I keep my house...I wash my clothes (and I have a ton)...and for God's sake, I operate a computer (who doesn't?). I fight traffic two times a day to work and four more times a week when I have class. I counsel my friends/co-workers/parents...all the time. I cook for myself and others. I manage my the the bills. And I am a janitor...I kill the bugs...unclog the drains. I'm not exactly sure what this "CEO" thing is...I mean...I'm the CEO of "Me Inc" that what this is saying?

So, the only thing I don't do is child-care center teacher. But I do work full time and go to grad school. I wonder what that's worth? Probably nothing.

This is not to demean what mother's are worth and the services they provide...I know that mothers who have multiple children are stretched to the limits and have plates more full than you can get at the $5.99 buffet at the Golden Corral.

But come on...$138,095?


Anonymous said...

Me Inc.? Is that on the NASDAQ?

The Exception said...

This was interesting. I do all of those things and have a paying job. I know mothers who do not do all of those things, do not have kids at home, and yet still can not find time to do the grocery shopping or pay the bills... what do they do? I know other mothers who do all of that (with law degrees mind you) and pave their sidewalks or lay new tile in their bathrooms... all with a toddler under foot. Now, that, it Super Mom!

But, to be frank, that is a lot of money... and doesn't take into account that there is usually a "partner" involved if the parent is able to stay at home.

polliwog said...

Actually, I think that figure is hideously low. If I was to do what I am doing for someone elses bratty kids they couldn't pay me enough.


I think articles that like are only good for showing to people (or husbands) that still think stay-at-mom's have it easy. I love my kids but it is such a sacrifice.

Loneliness, boredom, people not giving you respect, sometimes not even respecting yourself because you buy into the theory that if you aren't earning any $$ you aren't worth anything to society.

And I'm not one of those super-moms either. No house renovations for me. I don't even like to make crafts or garden. So I end up feeling inferior on all fronts!