Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Three Thanks

I just realized that I never posted my Three Thanks on Monday. My bad. I'm getting really forgetful about this and I apologize.

1. Playing in the Rain - Okay, so it was soaking...and cold...and I was in a tank top - but I got stuck outside at a soccer game and was hurricaned on. But when is the last time that you can remember that you got rained on...and it was enjoyed it? Grade school? I think that might have been mine. I remember being little and loving rainy days because my mom would let me go run around outside - as long as it wasn't lightning and thundering. In a very cliche way, it was almost like a cleansing or a release. I'm going to make it a point to enjoy the rain a little more...and not just from the safety of my sheets on rainy mornings...

2. Exercise that doesn't feel like exercise because it's fun - Enough said.

3. Songs that just make you feel good - One of my feel good songs is by the country band, Bomshel. While they aren't my favorite group...the song, "Ain't My Day to Care", is awesome. I seriously suggest you listen to it if you can stomach country music even a little. Maybe you should just read the lyrics or's pretty twangy.


bobuster said...

I too got rained on this past weekend...however not so nice...mowing the yard...grass, when wet, tends to stick to one's person more than usual!

Sarah Ashlee said...

Ugh! Sticky grass is the worst!