Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Three Thanks

Here we go! Due to an overwhelming number of requests (including begging and pleading), I am posting my Three Thanks. Okay there was only one request (thanks!) and there was neither begging nor pleading associated with it....

I'm sure everyone else was too sad to make it over to their computers to email me...

Yeah, that's it.

So, wipe your tears away, I will delay no longer.

1. EpiPen - Last night was a long one. I was out with a friend when I got a call from my mom saying that she and my dad were in the emergency room. He'd had an allergic reaction to something he had eaten and they had rushed over to the ER, EpiPen in hand. On the way, his face started to swell and it became harder for him to breathe and he was forced to jab the EpiPen into the muscle tissue in his leg (instructions, in case you are curious, are to the right).

My parents arrived at the ER where he quickly collapsed into a wheelchair and was taken back to Exam Room 7. This is when I was called.

My mom told me he would be fine once the doctors gave him steroids and Benadryl, that I shouldn't worry. He's done this a lot and every time is scary but he pulls through like a champ every time. This time his reaction got a second wind and he started to swell again. My mom called back and I left for the ER. When I got there, he was snoring away in Exam Room 7, swollen and red like a cherry.

They decided to keep him overnight and I stayed there with him until he got comfy in his cool and dark hospital room. They released him this morning and he's doing fine but I am definitely thankful for that EpiPen.

2. Work - Sometimes I complain. Sometimes I hate it. Sometimes I cry and scream. But all in all, my work's not so bad. In fact, it's pretty good.

I have people that are easy to work with and we get along great. I have accrued an inordinate amount of vacation days (28.2 to be exact) and I am given 30, count that, 30 sick days a year. I have been promoted, praised and paid to do what I love doing. And they are paying for a good portion of my graduate school.

When I decided to take this job two or so years ago over another opportunity, some of my friends scoffed. "Won't it be boring?" "Aren't you better than that entry-level position?" "Yes and yes", I responded. And many days, I was bored and I was overqualified. And many days I still am. But I like my company and I like my new position. I like my co-workers and I "like" my pay (is anyone really satisfied with what they are paid...I submit that they are not).

3. Summer Time (!) - I'm out of school for the summer and that's freakin' amazing! I can read for pleasure and not worry about the other things that I should be reading/studying/writing. It's fantastic...'Nuff said!!!


The Exception said...

I am so glad that your dad is okay!

Just for the record, I do like your 3 thanks.

Sarah Ashlee said...

Me too! I'm glad you like them!

LeBlanc said...

Good to hear that everyone made it ok. Allergic reaction can sure be frightening. Keep up the 3 thanks, they make a good read.

The Exception said...

Hum... I have checked in several times today to see if you have posted the "Thanks."


(and you are tagged on my blog, by the way! ;) )