Monday, June 19, 2006

Lincoln Park Trixie Society

I was told by a fellow blogger, DP, that (if in Chicago) I should join this society because I would fit in oh so perfectly.

Here, ladies and the Lincoln Park Trixie Society.

Description: Chicago's premier social organization of young, on-the-move women living in wonderful Lincoln Park. You don't have to be from Chicago to get the joke; every town has its Trixies. They're the women with Kate Spade bags for every day of the week; the ex-sorority girls still lusting after big, dumb jocks; the women who go to law school to find husbands.

The Lincoln Park Trixie Society provides "the backbone and courage necessary for many young Trixies to climb the social ladder, and continues to provide the structure necessary to maintain Lincoln Park as one of the most wonderful neighborhoods in all of Chicago." Along with information about the society's history, membership and services, a site devoted to said society features a host of sections, with names running from the subtle (the "Ask Ashley" advice column) to the ridiculous ("Ride in my Jetta").

I really must go now - I'm driving in my Jetta to meet some sorority sisters at the Starbucks around the corner.


Anonymous said...

With the Trixie's site long gone...Trixie's counterpart Chad has a society of his

Sarah Ashlee said...

Equally hilarious! Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

Actually it looks like the Trixie Society is back or coming back -

Anonymous said...

I have been living in Lincoln Park for over 2 decades. I have always paid ALL of my bills with no help from 'daddy'. And I have endured/witnessed countless episodes of rude, egotistical, narcissistic & all out heinous behavior from these cunts. A few days ago I saw it coming. Freezing cold & raining outside, I was waiting for a bus at Clark & Division, on my way to a badly needed chiropractor appointment over a recent back injury that hurts like hell. Bus took 27 minutes to arrive. About 25 minutes into the wait, a trixie came prancing up in her tightly fitted white North Face coat with blonde faux fur trim, & as soon as the bus pulled up she was ready to be the first in line (never mind the other 16 of us waiting~ including an elderly woman with a cane). It pulled up (not in her favor), a few of us got on~ but it was so crowded it was very difficult to cram in. She was behind me, pushing and manoeuvering like a quarterback to get to that only free (handicap) seat I could barely see ahead. I was only trying to move towards the back to let other people (like her) board. After I groused over her nearly knocking me to the floor (I had to grab the guy in front of me to not fall), I told her I was trying to... (move forward) but she cut me off and said, "I'm pregnant, and I need a seat" as she again nearly knocked me to the floor (oh, & pushed the elderly woman out of the way as well). Bullshit. The cunt had a 16 inch waist. In my opinion, just because you think you got pregnant last night, doesn't mean you get a fucking seat. I was later verified of what I saw in her when she got off the bus at Clark & Webster, Lincoln Park. I just knew it. Trixie.

Their sense of entitlement is disgusting. I'm ashamed of being of the same species as them. They are all a waste of skin. Nothing but gold-digging whores. They fill up the elevators and buses with their awful perfumes, which linger long after they are gone, because they have to marinate in them in order to hide their skank stank. I hope their Chads sleep around on them so much as to give them herpes.