Monday, June 26, 2006

My furry son

I have yet to share pictures of my baby! I rescued Mr. Darcy (named after a character in my favorite Jane Austin book), nearly on the verge of death, in November of last year from an animal shelter.

The lady that dropped him off at the shelter had dropped three other kittens off 3 days prior and they had all since been adopted. While holding out a malnourished kitten on her next visit, she told the shelter that she had thought there were four when she came in previously and stated that she found this one hiding in her closet. He hadn't been fed the entire time.

When I saw him in his cage, he was being tormented by these other black kittens. They were just trying to get him to play, but he was so sickly that their playing was killing him.

When I told the vet tech that I was considering adopting him, she and the vet advised me against it, stating that they were basically waiting for him to die. That there was nothing they could do. When she said that, I was incensed. I said that I wanted to adopt him anyway and to my amazement the vet tech said "Well, you know once you adopted him, we can't return your money." Honestly, that really wasn't a concern at the time.

I wasn't prepared to bring a kitten home that day so I had to go by PetSmart that night with Darcy in my arms, wrapped in a hand towel, and buy everything he needed. He slept for days after I brought him home and he wouldn't come out of his carrier. I kept watching his stomach to make sure he was still breathing. Since he had not been weaned, Mr. Darcy didn't know how to eat and I had to mush up water and food so that he could lick it up. Gradually, I implemented hard food into the mush.

This is Mr. Darcy when I first adopted him. I was so sad when I had to go to work - I didn't want to leave him. Every time, I thought I would come back home and he would have passed away. That collar that he has on is the extra small size and it could fit easily over his head. (It's way to small now, Darcy got fat quick)

Darcy playing on the floor.

So freakin' cute! Darcy's First Christmas.

Trying to sleep... but Mom won't stop taking pictures!

Darcy's 10 pounds now...and only 8 months. He's part Maine Coon so he should get really big!

Okay - enough gushing about him, I suppose. Seriously, this little feline is fabulous. Well, he's fabulous and annoying...all at the same time. Like when he claws on my furniture...or the walls...or the floor. Ohh but then I am a complete pushover when he snuggles up to me in the middle of the night...right up against my back...or on my head.

It's worth the lack of sleep.


Johann said...

What a cutie. My dog required some fattening up when I got him. Now he needs a diet. Go figure.

thefabulouslucie said...

You are an awesome kitty mama! Mr. Darcy totally won the lottery the day you stopped by.

Jules said...

Sarah Ashley - found you from Blog Dog. What an adorable cat Chloe has become even more dear to me since I got two puppies who wear me out.

(love Mr. Darcy too...the character)

Sarah Ashlee said...

blog dog - Isn't that's like they're hoarding food! But I guess I understand...if I had been malnourished I am sure I would share in the sentiment.

thefabulouslucie - Thanks woman! You are too...I love sharing kitty cat stories with you!

Jules - Glad you found me! Isn't it great how blogers can bring the world in just a little bit tighter? :) Please share some pictures of your babies! I would love to see them!