Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Better not Bitter End

This week has been so frustrating! This too shall pass, though. Right? Right…

And, I do believe that. I am an unfailing and generally unfaltering optimist. All the way to the bitter (hopefully, not “bitter”…possibly “better”) end.

I would love to go into all the reasons why this week has been so trying. For reasons that I won’t give besides I don’t want to be a complainer…and I am a generally private person…I will spare you the specific details.

However, I will say it like this:

I hate being overlooked for things and I hate when my work and intelligence is not respected. I get frustrated when reason is failed to be given or when reason lacks congruency in thought. I hate to see creativity and ambition smothered.

And, I hate waiting in traffic.

Man, Nashville traffic sucked yesterday! And, apparently it was “Cut Sarah Off” and “Turns Signals are Just Accessories” day too.

See, I already feel better. Thanks for listening…er…reading. I’m off my soapbox and I am finished with my diatribe.

Just know, if I were a drinking woman, I would not only have had a liquid lunch…I would have had a liquid afternoon and night too.

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