Monday, September 11, 2006

Oh yeah...

And I don't so much heart my Jetta anymore. Poor thing has been in the shop for months...luckily, she was still in warranty (which includes rental car coverage).

What am I driving right now? Oh, a Mitsubishi Galant. Be jealous. Very, Very jealous.

Since the beginnings of my ordeal with Volkswagen though, I have driven a Hyundai Sonata, a Dodge Stratus, and my current...Mitsubishi Galant.

Did you know that Enterprise can sell the car that you are driving? Because they can. That's right. If you are in a rental that has close to 40,000 miles...wait for that phone call...Enterprise will be calling you up to trade cars with you. It's happened to me twice so far. Luckily, the new car only has 14,000 miles. Who knows how many I will be able to put on the Galant by the time my car is complete.

Apparently, Baby Jetta needs a new alternator and the alternator is on a "National Backorder." (As stated by Hallmark Volkswagen)

When I call for the status, they tell me "Well, Ms. Jetta, the computer says that it's 'in process.'" Awesome, it's been 'in process' for 2 months now.

I've also gotten, "Oh, you're the white Jetta!" Comforting. Real comforting.

Now, how 'bout giving me some information on Lemon Laws in Tennessee...

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