Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Let the obsession begin!

It's Time! Grey's Anatomy is back and I can't wait...only a few more days! I have been waiting long enough for this time to arrive and to prepare...well, I've been reading the writers' blog! That's right! Don't know if you're aware...but the writers of Grey's have a blog and it is every bit as funny as the show...only with less physically attractive people...seeing as it is online.


I don't think that I can express how very sad I am that Denny died...and what in God's name are they going to do with Izzie?! Please, oh please, don't tell me that she is really going to quit the program! Seriously, if it weren't for her...I wouldn't like any of the girls on the show. Meredith is too whiny and Christina...well, she's the second favorite...but she's just so unemotional sometimes...Though, we do get a glimpse at something soft and squishy inside of her every now and then...

The other one...Um...the one who lives in the hospital...the bone doctor...well, she's just weird. Plus she peed in front of Izzie and Meredith who were complete strangers. That's just too close...too fast...

Well, so much for my obsession! McDreamy, George...I'll see you both on Thursday.

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