Saturday, September 23, 2006

Not much really...

I really don't have anything to blog about...but I wanted to write something. Wanted to let people know I was still alive. Perhaps a stream of consciousness will occur and I will end up with an amazing piece of "blogerature." Perhaps? Perhaps not.

First, I bought new plants. They're great. Really, they are. I bought them because I read this article about how plants provide fresh oxygen into home environments. Score! Who wants recycled oxygen in their place...not me! In any case, Darcy likes to eat them. More or less, really, he just chews on the leaves. So, they are all elevated around my place - out of his reach. I can't have anything around here! No plants, no drapes, shouldn't have blinds...he might hang himself...Ugh! Darcy! What a pest! A cute, completely lovable pest.

Second, I was at Wendy's this week getting my boss and I lunch. I had the window down in the rental at the drive-through line and was jammin' out. Yeah. Completely jammin' out. I had this really sticky lip gloss on so when I felt something on my face, I thought it was my hair getting caught up in it. Well, it wasn't. Nope, not that lucky. It was a spider. That's right. A spider. I completely freaked out! All my flailing gets him off my face....but he landed on right breast. Yeah. Awesome. I flicked him off and he landed on my glorious rental car's arm rest. There was nothing in the car to kill him with so I reached for the first thing in my purse that I could find and I swung. I hit hard, man. Hard. He splattered. It was gross. My fake Louis Vuitton wallet will never be the same.

Season premiere of Grey's? Anybody? Anybody? Hello? It was fantastic! Fan-flippin'-tastic.

I found out that my friend Michael is coming into town this coming weekend...and that is also fantastic.

I painted my fingernails red. It makes them look shorter and paler...but sometimes a girl just feels like having fire engine red fingernails.

Abi and I are going out tonight. There could be pictures to follow...keep a look out this week for some!

It hailed on my Jetta today. I haven't been able to go outside yet and look at it to see if there was any damage. I don't think there would was just nickle size hail...but still y'all...Can you believe it? If it's bad luck and it has to do with me and my will happen.

Speaking of the storm, my power went off today as well. I basically live in a cave; if there isn't any artificial light, I am pretty much SOL. So, for an hour this afternoon I just sat here and watched Darcy freak out at the thunder. I tried to calm him down with the first few claps...but then I realized it was a loosing battle and the skin on my arms was loosing big time.

This guy keeps coming to my door...the same one...I can see him out my peep hole. He's been by here three times but never leaves anything. I don't know who he is. Freak. I feel like a complete hermit...looking out the peep hole and then not answering the door. Haha...and then writing about him in my blog. Haha...seriously, who really is the freak here?

I needed toilet paper so I went to Target. They didn't have any small packs...they ran out...Um a run on toilet paper? Who knew!? Anyway, I had to have toilet's not one of those things that you can say..."Eh, I'll pick it up tomorrow from the grocery store." No, when you need toilet paper, you generally need toilet paper. So, I bought the 24 pack. Yup, ladies and gents, I have 24 (my bad - 23) roles of TP in my place. Don't think I'll be needing to buy that anytime soon...

My dad and I met for breakfast on Friday morning at Panera. It's always great to be able to spend one on one time with him.

My place is a disasterious disgrace. The house police should come pick me up and haul me off. And yet, here I sit.

The Fray concert is coming up and I can't wait! Yay!

Okay, I seriously can't think of anything else. That kind of catches everyone up...Maybe?

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