Monday, February 12, 2007

Face Transformer!

This is great! The St Andrews Face Transformer takes a picture of you and distorts it into different ethnicities and likens your face in the fashion of famous painters. What would you look like if Van Gogh painted you? Find out here!

But, by far my favorite...Japanimation! I have been told by way too many people that I look like a living Japanimation character. And I suppose this one does show a striking resemblance...Check it out for yourself:

It's funny, the Asian image (2nd image/top row) doesn't look that different from me either...

Hum, perhaps my roots are over there...the Japanimation and the Asian images are the ones that look closest...

What do you think? How about yours?

1 comment:

John C said...

The link to the site's good, but they only have a 'browse' button for using your 'upload' whatsoever.

Would have been cool seeing the results.