Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Three Thanks

Well, the three-day weekend for President's Day got me all messed up and I totally forgot to post my three thanks. Here we go:

1. Three-Day Weekends followed by ?? - You know what the best thing about three-day weekends is? The four-day week that follows. Here's to the four-day week ahead! It's almost Hump Day, people!

2. Napster Unlimited Downloads - I'm sure Napster offers this to everyone, but my subscription is through my school. I get unlimited downloads - for just about everything in their music library - for, I think, $5/month. They offer the same search capabilities as iTunes and I can listen to my music on up to three computers. The downside? I can't actually download them. The songs are more on loan... But it's still great.

3. Funny Friends - I attempt to surround myself with funny people. In fact, I would say that it is a requirement that my closest friends be funny. In a contrite way, I am going to say that laughter is so important - but it's very, very true. I saw my funniest friends this weekend. You know who you are...Thank you for making me laugh - and for laughing with me - and for laughing at me...

I am going to write more about this later, but I'll give you a little taste now since I am running out the door to class momentarily.

I was molested by a dog this weekend.

Clinton, a 10-month old puppy...who weighs a whooping 75 pounds...was enamoured with me and made it his goal to make beautiful babies with me. I'll tell you more later but for now, this is all you're getting.


Anonymous said...

Oh where do I begin in responding to that juicy little tidbit you finished with? Random first thoughts include:

1. "Who let the dogs out?!"

2. Give a dog a bone...literally!

3. Maybe Clinton thought your name was Monica - did you have on a blue dress?

4. Props to Clinton for doing what most men think when they meet you!

Sarah Ashlee said...

Random first answers include, but are not limited to the following:

1. My friend, Leah, did. And it was just one.

2. She gave it a some sort of hoof - not bone. Unless, of course, you mean in the sexual/literal sense...in which case, you might be correct.

3. Haha - No, not a blue dress..and there were no "mystery" stains when I left either.

4. Wow! I can assume one of two things after reading this comment. Number one: That you have never met me, judging by the fact that you think most men want to make babies with me. Contrary, I could also assume Number two: That you have, in fact, met me before. And, if so, I implore you to come out from behind your veil of secrecy. I have obviously made some sort of impact and I must know what I did so that I can repeat as necessary.

LeBlanc said...

Can't wait to hear details about the pooch.