Monday, February 05, 2007

Three Thanks

After a long and restful weekend, I awoke semi-refreshed for Monday's arduous task of seeing the doctor at 8:15 am.

If you are unaware, I have been on crutches and in an air cast for the past six or so weeks due to a broken bone in my foot.

See, I was riding a horse in the surf along the shores of the Gulf Coast when Tipper, my horse, got spooked by a rogue crab. Poor Tipper is deathly afraid of those unpredictable beasts and she bucked me off and into the water.

When I emerged from the surf, covered in seaweed and dangling crabs, Tipper was no where to be seen. The pain from the pinching crabs was too intense to notice the shattered a bone in my left foot. I proceeded to run down the beach frantically calling for my horse but she was no where to be found.

Forlorn, I walked back to my house wondering what could have befallen my beautiful Paso Fino. And there she was.

Kneeling in a bed of protected sea grass, Tipper looked up at me with her beautiful coal black eyes. Blinking through the tears at her safe return, I began to feel the pain of my shattered bones.

At this moment, the clouds began to darken and the winds picked up steam. The gusts of hurricane force winds and driving rain were not enough to detour Tipper from carrying my weak body to seek medical assistance. She found a strapping (and barely clothed) lifeguard just finishing his shift in the stand. He carried me piggy back to his home, warmed me by the fire with sub-zero convective warming blankets, and bandaged my foot with skin traction bandaging.

Ahh, but that was six (plus) weeks ago. Come to find out, all the lifeguard's efforts to save my foot were in vain. It has been diagnosed with avascular necrosis and will have to be amputated.

So, along with my Monday thanks -

1. Imagination - Love it. Need it. Life is so much, well...less boring with imagination.
2. Celine Dion - There's nothing better for a road trip than Celine Dion riding shot gun.
3. Kissing - Love it. Need it. Life is so much, well...less stagnate with kissing.

1 comment:

Thomas said...

Was Tipper a Paso Fino or a Palomino? Also, what sort of grudge are you harboring against Al Gore's wife? Finally, I love the duality of your "in vain" comment, considering you suffer from avascular necrosis (vain, vein, it's all good)...