Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Three Thanks

Again, late! So sorry! I know you were waiting with baited breath to see what I was thankful for yesterday...but I was otherwise engaged and away from a computer. Nashville's music industry is going through CRS week right now...and that's exciting for everyone involved (even those, like me, involved vicariously).

So, without further adieu...my three thanks:

1. Good Live Music - Here in Nashville we are blessed with a great deal of talent...but with that comes individuals who are convinced they have a great deal of talent. Here's to good live music!

2. Not Talking - Try to find the people that you are so comfortable with that you don't feel the need or the awkwardness to talk. People you can just be with. These people are a rare find, at least to me. Sometimes, just sometimes...the silence will speak volumes.

3. Lenny's - I love that place! And I don't smell like Subway when I leave. Always a plus.

On a side note - My Jetta is being recalled. Remind me again why I am not ditching this burden of a vehicle.


Thomas said...

What, no little juicy tid-bits this week about getting accosted by a dog (and by dog I mean canine)? Sad face...

So, maybe "Volkswagen" is actually German for "Yeah, good luck with that." Makes you sort of miss the poor Honda that served you so well until its last moments on I-65, huh?

Sarah Ashlee said...

Haha - Nope, no juicy tidbits this week (sorry!).

Totally miss the Honda. If I didn't like all the bells and whistles of my piece, I would get rid of it and go back to the reliability of Hondas.

But alas, I am a consumer whore. :)