Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Three Thanks

Delayed, but none the less...here are my three thanks:

1. Target - Why can I spend hours in this store? Why does just walking in make me feel instantly better? Seriously, if I am in a foul mood...Target is a viable answer to my doldrums. I went in there last night to get Valentine's candy for my office's Valentine's party and I walked out with a beach cover up, lip gloss, bobby pins, two Lean Cuisines, way over-priced lotion, and most likely, way too much candy. Ahh, the lure of the bull's-eye.

2. Sweet/Hot Pickles - There is this brand called Wicked that sells these sweet/hot pickles that are awesome! I tried to find a link to it but couldn't. I'll get home tonight and let you know if I find it on the jar. These are a great complement to pretty much everything. Of course, this is only true if you like hot things...well, and pickles.

3. Hair Products - I love hair products. LOVE! I got this shampoo awhile back and it smells like raspberry lemonade...fantastic! It just makes showering a great experience.


LeBlanc said...

1. My wife smiling at me when I am down - no description necessary

2. The Beatles - pepping songs perk me up

3. Pulling into my driveway - it is always nice to get home, no matter where you have been.

how is that?

Tennessee said...

#1...perfect! I know the feeling (though not from a wife) and it is one of the best sites that you can experience.

#3...totally agree! There is nothing better then arriving home after a harrowing commute, especially when you have a gorgeous wife waiting for you when you walk through the door!