Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day, everyone! Or, if you want...National All Singles Awareness Day! Either one works fine for me, whatever floats your boat.

What are your plans for Valentine's? Sharing it with a loved one? Sharing it with a "complicated" one? How about with your cat/dog/ferret?

Whomever or whatever you are sharing this day with...just know...that I am sharing mine...with my computer and my Public Finance course. I have a huge exam due by 4:00 tomorrow and late admissions are not accepted. So, that leaves me with Mr. Darcy and my computer. Thank-you Dr. Bradley.

My office had a Valentine's luncheon today and I made chocolate covered strawberries. For a first attempt...I must say that they were pretty good. Next time I am going to try really decorating know, with white chocolate and such. But really, nothing beats the regular kind. Chocolaty and fruity. Angel and Devil.

Okay, unfortunately, this break has been as much as I can take. I have to get back to my exam. Again, happy V-Day everyone. I hope it has been a great day/night for you all! :)

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