Monday, April 16, 2007

Bubbles as large as a car in Alaska

Bubbles, you wonder, as large as a car?

Why, yes!

But this was not a fun day in the park for these Alaskans. Oh no.

These bubbles were from the local sewage plant...spewed from the city sewer lagoon.

They apparently had no smell (thank God) and were iridescent in color.

Um, this is slightly more nasty than not washing your hands after using the restroom...

Can you imagine...

~*~Enter dream sequence~*~

You see a huge, gorgeous, iridescent bubble the size of a car flying through the air. You pull over your car and run childishly into the street chasing after this glorious wonder. You catch up to teases you in its laugh giddily. You catch up to it again, reach out your hand, pointer finger extended, and give it one. little. poke.

Just like that...sewage water all over you.

Happy Monday!

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