Friday, April 13, 2007

Can't blame it on being an only child anymore...

Singletons at Risk?

Apparently, no developmental, personality and/or behavioral problems have been linked to only children. However, and I quote:

"There was a time when being an only child was so unusual and stigmatized that all kinds of problems were ascribed to it."

Was a time, people. WAS.

The answer also says that I have an intellectual advantage over other kids, albeit slight.


You may remember this.

Who knew there was a support website out there for people like me??


Slave to the dogs said...

Hey - I'm an only child too!

See, we're not all freaks. OK, maybe I'm not the best example... ;)

EDub said...

Is there another study explaining how someone w/two sisters can be an only child? :-0

I know, I know, they don't count.