Monday, April 30, 2007

Three Thanks - A Revival

Here we go again - I'm starting the Three Thanks up again!

1. Radnor Park on Saturday - It was gorgeous this weekend here in Nashville! I hope you were all able to get out and about to enjoy the splendiforous display that was Mother Nature. I remembered to bring my camera but of course the batteries were dead - so no luck on the picture taking. Oh well, there will be more opportunities...and endless summer days in which to cash in.
2. The Failing of Contraceptives - Otherwise I would not be here! Though originally unwanted and unplanned...I think I have changed my parents' minds that kids (rather, kid) were the way to go. Score one for me!
3. "The Boyfriend" - Gibb - Spent the eve of my birth with me, was the first to wish me a Happy Birthday and is fostering the continuation of birthday festivities until tomorrow night at Patty's concert.

Others that I can not leave out -
-Those who blessed me with their presence at my "birthday party".
-Everyone who sent me well wishes via Facebook, email and voicemail.
-Those who bought me wine.
-My boss who brought me flowers and gave them with "love".
-Dei Pop for taking me out for a birthday lunch.


Slave to the dogs said...

Happy birthday!

LeBlanc said...

I hope you had a great one!

Sarah Ashlee said...

Thanks to both of you!! I did have a great birthday!

Michael said...

Happy belated birthday to you!

Hope you had a great one!

The Exception said...

I am sure your parents loved the gift that was/is you. Some gifts just keep on giving! And some surprises are the best gifts.

Matthew said...

Well you were invited to my birthday celebrations...and yet I wasn't invited to yours? :(

Sarah Ashlee said...

Michael - Thanks! I did have a great one! :)

The Exception - I'm pretty sure they'll keep me around... ;) You're right - sometimes, surprises are the best gifts!

Matthew - I'm sorry! My parents had a few friends over for a party at their house. It wasn't like a party party.