Monday, April 09, 2007

How much is your life worth?

This woman is selling everything she owns (minus her dog, cat, photos, and some clothing) on an Ebay auction ending Thursday.

Here's the Ebay site.


bobuster said...

This is extremely dangerous for one's self esteem! In my case, I can only think of a couple possible outcomes, none good...
1. I would get no bids/interest, or low bids on my stuff, so what does that say about me...pathetic...big blow to the self esteem!
2. I'd have to pay someone to take the stuff off my hands! Again self esteem is not fairing well!

Sarah Ashlee said...

It definitely could be! How awful would it be if Britney's old wedding invitation was worth more than everything in your entire life??,,2004580002-2006260739,00.html