Monday, April 09, 2007

Three Thanks

I didn’t post my Thanks last week because I was so sick. Perhaps a few of mine this week should be:

1. Breathing
2. Holding steady a temperature within the 98 degree mark
3. Swallowing without daggers piercing themselves into my throat

Nevertheless, I feel that I should have some Thanks that have nothing to do with my disease. I am more than my disease!

Without further ado…my Three Thanks!

1. Easter with my family (and Abi, who’s like family) – Though they all live here in Nashville and I can see them whenever I want, it’s nice to know that I have somewhere to be on the holidays. It’s nice to have people and places to call “home”. It’s nice that for 25 years my mom has made me an Easter basket. That’s right, be jealous…I still get visited by “The Bunny” every year. It’s tradition!

2. Cooking for family and friends – I love cooking! Perhaps I should have been a chef…nah, I guess you have to have more than just the love of cooking to be a chef. You actually have to be a really good cook. Well, attesting to my skills…I haven’t killed anyone or made anyone sick…not yet.

3. Game night with my ladies

Cranium (plus) Apples to Apples (equals) Pure Awesomeness!

We pigged out on pizza and all the junk food you haven’t eaten since your mom packed your lunch. E.L. Fudge cookies, Reese's Cookies, Reese's Peanut Butter Eggs (‘tis the season), Chex Mix – Sweet and Salty, chips with sour cream and onion dip, chocolate chess pie….

Ugh, there was more…but I can’t bare to relive it all. We were fat, happy and jovial. And even got a little but of Mean Girls in…

Oh, I'm eating at Virago tonight! They have 1/2 priced martinis and sushi on Mondays! Monday's at Virago come highly recommended by this cat.


bobuster said...

Game Night...try "Boxers or Briefs"'s awesome, and will keep you laughing nonstop! (it's a board game, you can pick up at Wal Mart.)

Thomas said...

Cranium is the bomb, especially when alcohol is involved. :)

Speaking of alcohol and good food, that rocks about Virago's on Monday nights! As if those $4 super-potent martinis were not enough of a deal already?

Sarah Ashlee said...

Bobuster - I haven't heard of that but will have to look into it. I am always up for a good board game.

Thomas - There was no alcohol this time...which definitely might signify my first alcohol-free Cranium game. Virago, seriously! Yea!