Wednesday, April 04, 2007

I'm diseased...

So sorry that you didn't hear from me at all yesterday...

I'm deathly ill...

Monday night my throat started hurting, but nothing too serious. I climbed into bed that same night, fighting off a horrid headache. I tried BC Powder for the first time...which made my head stop hurting...but left me feeling like I had sand stuck on the back of my throat.

I went to bed and I woke up about 4 am Tuesday morning (I'm assuming after the BC wore off), shivering and aching from head to toe.

I dozed in and out until a more appropriate hour - found a thermometer and discovered that my fever was 101.5.

Obviously, I didn't go into work but I did go to class later that a champ. We were having two lecturers come in to discuss budgeting in high education institutions...something I didn't want to miss!

Sadly, I did miss some of it, as I kept nodding off.

That afternoon, before I left for class, I watched The Last Kiss. I thought it was a great movie. Very real and true to life.

I got back from class around 4:45 and fairly promptly went to bed. I slept until 10:00, watched TV until I was tired again...around 10:30, and then crawled back into bed.

I woke up this morning at 6:00 not feeling awful...just not great...and I took my temperature. 102.5. Awesome! I took Motrin and went back to bed...because nothing works better than sleep to forget about your pain. I woke back up 40 minutes later drenched in sweat.

Yay! My fever must have broken! Okay, down to 102...not so bad...

I just took it again and I'm holding steady at 100.5. It hasn't been below this thus far.

Hopefully, I will be in my usual, top form in no time!

On a happy note, my new furniture is being delivered today! Yay!


Hessel said...

Hi There

Hessel from South Africa here...enjoyed your piece very much!....hope you feel better soon!

Feel free to check my blog out at.

Cheers gurl!

EDub said...

Faker. :)

Sarah Ashlee said...

Hessel - Thanks for the get well wishes! You are, by far, my furthest away wisher well. :)

Salmon Pants - I wish I was faking!! Today was the perfect day to fake an illness, it being so beautiful outside. Unfortunately, I saw it from my couch in the den. :(

MrWriteNow said...

I had this last weekend!! Fever kicked my ass. Doesn't it suck to be sick when you live alone? I don't think I've had a fever in 10 years. Missed work on Monday but feel much better now. Hope yours passed as well.

'Coma said...

Having coughed up every body organ in the past five days, I feel your pain.
Hope you are on the mend.

Sarah Ashlee said...

Mr. Write Now - It does suck to be sick and be alone. Luckily, I wasn't too alone...My mom came to take care of me during the days and my boyfriend took care of me one of the nights.

'Coma - I am very much on the mend! Thank God!