Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Let's give sickos something to strive for

Does anyone else see the problem with proclaiming mass murders as “record breaking” and similarly, the “worst in our nation’s history”. I can’t help but think that this gives future sickos something to shoot for…if you will. I’m reading news articles this morning where schools (middle and high school and universities) have been getting threats since the tragic events Monday. Some are only reports suspicious activity, some are bomb threats. There has even been a note that threatens a mass killing and after which alludes to the murders at Virginia Tech.

Perhaps we shouldn’t concentrate on the numbers lost and the records that have been broken as if it is some Olympic sport. Instead, let’s focus on the individuals who have been lost and the healing of those who have been hurt.


LeBlanc said...

That is a very good point. It was such a waste and is so very sad that I have purposely stayed away from the television.

bobuster said...

Worse yet are the statistics that are not measurable from this...the countless people that will forever be affected by the loss of friends / loved ones / collegues / mentors!
Or the emotional scarring that will forever affect those that have witnessed the tragedy...the ones that will jump out of bed from a sound sleep at a sound as innocent as a cat accidentally knocking something over, twenty years from now!

Slave to the dogs said...

Hear hear.

The media did the same thing with Columbine, and go figure, the VA Tech guy made references to Harris and Klebold in his "manifesto".

I don't think they should keep referring to it as a manifesto either. It makes him sound like some diabolical criminal and not the sick violent young man that he was.

Sarah Ashlee said...

I read about him mentioning Columbine just last night...crazy! I think he said something about them being martyrs or something. How deluded.

Agreed on the manifesto, too.

bobuster said...

I know that your original post is a few days old now, but seeing and reading news today, I couldn't help but to think about what you've said. There are so many sickos out there now that are trying to "jump on the bandwagon"!
I don't consider myself to be very emotional, but the fact that everyone is on edge, and the sickos are fueling the fire, is extremely upsetting!
It's impossible to know what goes on in someone's mind, but to kill so many people, or even threaten to kill so many people...WHY?