Thursday, April 19, 2007

Oh, grad I love thee.

Oh, just takin' a break from writing that paper I was procrastinating earlier. Yeah, it's 2:06 AM at this very moment. I took a "nap" earlier, from 11:00-12:30 and am back plugging along on my laptop.

If you're up and have any profound ideas on the topic of ensuring accountability in public sector budgeting know...drop me a line or something.

I don't know, you could also make sure I'm still living.

That would be worthwhile, too.

Dang'it! I am finishing this paper tonight! Plus, I have had waaay too much coffee to stop.

Right now, what I have is in bullet form and it looks so nice and organized like this...I hate to condense it down to sentences. Plus, that actually takes thought, whereas bullets are more stream of conscious, which I have been preferring lately.

Also, I have increasingly bad acid indigestion and it is making it very hard to work comfortably.


Okay, that's a pretty lame excuse. However, I really do have acid is bad...and I think it's from the coffee.

Oh, I think I shall have to get up again to take a Tums. Oh clever rouse to delay doing work.

Why would I want to delay doing work at such a God-forsaken hour? Why wouldn't I want to just get this dang paper written?

I don't know. It's just the way I am.

Plus, like I said, I have had waay too much coffee to go to bed anytime soon. I might as well blog. And look up real estate online. And stalk my friends on Facebook.

Woo! I just did Spell Check...and it wasn't pretty. Note to self - writing at 2 AM does not make for good grammar. Triple check paper before emailing it to your professor.


MrWriteNow said...

Did I mention I totally have a crush on you?

Sarah Ashlee said...

Someone else is up! Yes! A fellow night owl, I presume?

Thomas said...

Awww, blog love is in the air. :) Maybe this means Spring has finally sprung...

Thanks for reminding me just how much I DON'T miss those all-nighters. Puh-lease tell me you called in sick today (sick of working).

As for your paper, I assume you mean accountability in the fiscal sense. Have you covered the basic principals of GAAP? How about having an independent auditing party (internal or external) perform routine inspections?

Sarah Ashlee said...

Oh yes. I covered GAAP in undergrad Acct 1 and 2. For budgeting in the public sector, they routinely have "independent auditing parties" come in to ensure accountability, efficiency and effectiveness. I've got two very lovely, albeit dry, texts that you can borrow should you feel so inclined. :)

Thomas said...

Uhm, I was asking if you covered GAAP principals in the paper you're writing, not your scholastic history - haha. I can tell you're suffering from a lack of sleep!

Good luck with the paper... :)