Monday, March 26, 2007

Cancer returns for the Edwards'

Elizabeth Edwards, wife of presidential candidate John Edwards, announced recently that her cancer had returned, this time in an incurable form.

This has sparked a firestorm of speculations regarding Mr. Edwards' ability to run effectively, Mrs. Edwards' ability to withstand the rigors of a national campaign, as well as accusations that Mr. Edwards' will use his wife's cancer to benefit his campaign as a way to garner sympathy votes.

When asked on "60 Minutes" if the cancer would interfere with her husband's presidential campaign and if her husband could/should run, she said she refused to allow the cancer to interfere.

“I didn’t want it to take this away not just from me but from those people who depend on our having the kind of president he would be,” Mrs. Edwards said. She added, “That would be my legacy, wouldn’t it?”


But I hope somewhere in the legacy she leaves, she doesn't forget her three children...two of which are under nine years of age.

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