Monday, March 05, 2007

Three Thanks

Ahh! I'm posting on time this week! You didn't think I would, did you?! My track record hasn't been so good recently, I will agree.

Here are my Three no particular order:

1. The beginnings of Spring - On Sunday, I went to Centennial Park here in Nashville and enjoyed the fantastic weather. Sure, I had to keep my fleece on with my scarf wrapped tightly around my turtleneck sweater...but it was great...and only cold when the wind was blowing. Perhaps it was my apparel that was keeping me warm, or perhaps it was the company...of this, I shan't tell.

Here's a side story...decidedly of no interest to anyone but me...even still, I will write about it before moving on. There are no restrooms at this park. Well, there are...just not good ones. Ladies, you know the offense to which I am referring...Porta-potties. Those disastrous creations that are made to hold excrement in a hole in the ground until someone with a big truck comes to empty it out. Gross.

So, there I was at Centennial Park...really needing to use the restroom. This was my only option. Well, my only viable option. I make the trek to the area where they are located. In front of one of the toilets is a large, metal trashcan with an open top. There is something leaning down into looks like a small cat, perhaps a small raccoon. When it hears me it pops up onto its hind legs. It peers at me with its big brown eyes. It wasn't a cat...nor was it a raccoon. It was an obese squirrel. Quite possibly the biggest, fattest squirrel in existence. When I walked closely by it, it didn't even budge. It was as if to say..."Heh, I could totally take her! I am not moving..."

I opened the door with one finger, sliding the latch to the left oh so carefully. When I walked in, my gag reflex kicked in, as the smell of fecal matter and heated urine immediately invade my nostrils. I glanced down into the toilet (why, I don't know)...and what did I see? Among the Dentyne Ice wrappers, toilet paper and other various sundries...I saw it. Perfectly placed on a piece of TP, it was sitting there. A perfect poo swirl.

After seeing that one squirrel...I was really afraid that one of his mutant friends might be hiding inside the bowl. Much to my one jumped out at me...

2. My new bedside table - My dad made it for me. I've had one for almost two years now and have been waiting for its mate. Well, it finally arrived from my parents' house Saturday afternoon. Yea!

3. Parties with my girls - I love seeing you ladies. Saturday night was a blast...I can't wait to see pictures!

By the way, people scare me...


Slave to the dogs said...

LOL - as soon as I saw your "poo swirl" link, I was going to send you to ratemypoo, but I see you beat me to it. Who are these crazies that look down into the toilet and say, "I just have to capture a picture of that, and oh, I think others need to see it too"?

Rule of thumb - never, ever, ever look into the porta-potty. No good can come of it.

Sarah Ashlee said...

What scares me too, is that the majority of the pictures don't have toilet paper in them!! Scary!!

I will definitely heed that advice now! Thanks!

LeBlanc said...

How about this:

1. Long weekends
2. The feeling you get when you are finished moving heavy furniture
3. Reading anything that has "poo swirl" in it!

Sarah Ashlee said...

Haha - Long weekends are the best...especially when they are followed by short weeks! Glad you enjoyed the "poo swirl" comment! :)