Monday, March 19, 2007

Three Thanks

1. New furniture - In 2 -4 weeks!

2. Maturity - Specifically, getting old enough (mature enough) to know when to call it quits on a night out with your friends. When I was younger, I would go and stay out with my friends until everyone disbanded. Just like a little kid that doesn't want to go to sleep at night or take a nap during the afternoon...I didn't want to miss out on anything. If something fun happened or any drama occurred...I wanted to be there. I don't care anymore. If I'm tired...or cranky...or plain not in the mood...I'm going home.

3. Childlike, laugh at yourself people - We saw the funniest person on St. Patrick's day. He dressed himself like a leprechaun. He was pale with red hair and must have just said to himself..."Self, this day was meant for me. I'm goin' all out tonight." We all took pictures with him; when I get them from the others, I will upload them here.

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